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  1. hello i have had a very roller coaster like experience trying to find a very family like server with very active people the last server that i played on was shut down so i am trying to find a new one im very experienced with tekkit classic and have read up on lite so i think i will be able to handle myself without being a neusince to others age:18 ign: yoyoj8 my name:the crunch master...... no its james dance time <(**<)(>**<)(>**)>
  2. hello hideaway you are looking for a admin for your server i would love to do it i have a pretty decent amount of computer skill (because i run a 2 man Tekkit server for me and a friend) and i fell that i can be very helpful with problem solving and keeping the peace. contact me if you want to talk more.

  3. crap forgot to type the rest of the app Minecraft Username: yoyoj8 Age:19 Preffered Tekkit Mod: ic2
  4. Minecraft Username: Age: Preffered Tekkit Mod: Are you banned in any server(Y/N): Y but i have a good reason the server i was banned from was a minecraft server whitch i work for a good time and was was greifed (i had diamonds and a super large house witch was exploded) so i became VERY frustated and told a admin that he wasnt doing his job in witch he banned me later of course the owner was informed witch he got to me and unbanned me but because i was still angry at that admin i never retured
  5. born to venturer i whould like to join you if you make a server
  6. i whould like to join how is your staffing

  7. hello cheap shot im sure your busy doing someing right now but could you tell me why when i try to make minecraft full screen i get a hs_err_pid1792.log error and a minecraft crash

  8. DIE

    1. freakachu


      let me know how that works out for you.

  9. your not a very nice person maybe i will me curl up and

  10. well is there any were i can find a awnswer

  11. please pleas please i really need help please!!!

  12. i really need help its killing my brain

    http:--minecraftForge.net keeps showing up when i try to go on a tekkit server