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  1. Minecraft pe can work I now it pls try i am trying to make a modpacks for people that cant afford stuff on Minecraft pls give it a chance for the people


    1. Munaus


      why are you randomly posting on someone's profile?

      Especially someone who isn't even staff.

  2. at first I thought, "why the hell is dwwojcik reporting his own post?" then I saw all the double posts. forums must be fucking up again I suppose.
  3. we have a whole section for technical help, and it isn't this one. use that please, thanks.
  4. ‚Äčthis post is almost 2 years old. no one that was participating before is likely to be still having this issue.
  5. I remember when I played vanilla long, long ago. it was a valuable experience in terms of learning the basics of the game and the very basic low level patterns. I would get bored as fuck pretty fast were I to go back to vanilla now though. I hate manually mining. I put up with it on a new map only because I know I can get to a point where I don't have to ever touch my branch mine again. I don't imagine you'll find too many people who still play vanilla on a modded MC forum, but who knows.
  6. galacticraft needs micdoodlecore to function. micdoodlecore is a library that the galacticraft author made to help with his mod.
  7. basically this. the old launcher doesn't work anymore because the back end stuff it used to talk to to get pack updates/files has changed and no longer works the same way. like it's calling a number and getting one of those "we're sorry, the number you're calling has been disconnected" messages. the phone works, but you can't make the call.
  8. we'll need more recent logs to figure out what the issue is. I can tell you that galacticraft will not run without micdoodlecore, as they are basically 2 parts of the same mod. "it crashes" doesn't help me, or anyone else much in terms of figuring out what's wrong.
  9. there is no official support for platform packs. you couldn't find the place for this post because there isn't one. if you're having an issue with a custom pack, contact the pack author.
  10. lately I've been rather lax about people signing their posts. "it's not THAT big a deal, right?" I thought to myself, "people aren't rainbow coloring their names and flanking them with pointless punctuation like '-~xXsephirothff7gokukillerdong69Xx~-', or anything so it's no big deal to let it slide." then I saw this post and hung my head in shame. let it be known, -Peggin-, that YOU are the reason we can't have nice things. also, the answer is no.
  11. well, I mean it IS off topic. still have no idea about how to fix the issue though. try reinstalling?
  12. unless you have some sort of additional mod that is meant to control spawn rates, you're looking at editing config files. that is assuming that the spawn rates of the mod are even configurable in the first place. additionally, have a look at the global rules linked in my sig.
  13. I'm not sure, but did you perhaps miss this post by the OP? not that trying to be helpful is a bad idea, but it looks like you didn't actually read the thread before posting. also, while ubuntu is based on debian, they are not nearly as similar as you seem to believe.
  14. username is used for old, legacy accounts that haven't been migrated to the new (as of like over a year ago) system. mine is still like that as well, but anyone who has bought MC recently uses their email address and not the user name. as for a controller, I don't recommend it for a few reasons: 1) keyboard+ mouse is an objectively superior control scheme for first person games. 2) there are a ton of keybinds, far more than you can fit on a controller. 3) there is no auto-aim or aim assist in the pc version, which will make any kind of precision aiming very hard with a controller i.e. using a bow use the keyboard. your son will pick it up in no time flat, I'm sure.
  15. username should be the email address you used for your mojang account. the login/pass it wants is your minecraft login/pass. use the same stuff you use in the vanilla launcher for this one as well.
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