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  1. I think I may have solved the problem by breaking an oak shelf I placed in the same spot as the bibliocraft table that I had the stereo on. Essentially what happened was that the Stereo was using the fabrics and energies of the universe to create itself from nothing, and then attempted to use those forces to place itself onto an oak shelf. I now have the stereo placed onto an oak block in my living room area, with a sign that says 'I crashed my owners game 17 times'. His name is Roberto, Destroyer of Worlds.
  2. Hello, everyone! Started playing Attack of the B - Team about two weeks ago, and I've been having a blast so far. Recently I decided to take a dip into some of the more aesthetic mods (MrCrayfish, Bibliocraft, etc.) and I've had an overall enjoyable experience. However, I recently crafted a stereo, and placed it down on a table from MrCrayfish mod. After that, chaos ensued. I'm pretty certain the issue was caused by me placing the stereo onto a table from Bibliocraft, but since the crash happened I've tried to remove the issue thoroughly, to the extent that I broke every shelf and stereo in my house from a pure sense of paranoid dread. Oh, the issue, right. My game crashes within two minutes of me starting up the game, usually when I try to place or destroy a block. The error message is below. Please let me know if this isn't where I should throw down this thread, or if you know how to solvify my problem. Many thanks (Also, I can find a way to get my map file to you if you need it.)
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