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  1. Okay, so I've found somewhat of a workaround, at least for my problem. I created a .bat file with this command http://pastebin.com/rNQe4eXV It's running the exact command for java that the launcher does, except I'm asking java instead of javaw, I've no idea what the difference is, but at least it works. Hopefully someone can get something out of it! The commands I've got here is for the launch of The 1.7.10 pack
  2. I'll try a clean install of technic in a folder with single word name, check if it makes a difference. Have already tried it in standard folder once which is no spaces, but never know what'll work! And no luck. New log is from clean install, mod install and attempt to launch a modpack with 1(prompted by launcher to up to 3), 4, 6, 12 and 16gb of ram just for the heck of it(Got 32gb total). Still nothing http://pastebin.com/2p0vre35
  3. Hi Whenever I try to launch a modpack through the Technic Launcher or just launch Minecraft by itself directly downloaded from the website and clean installed I get nothing. No game launch, no modpack launch, absolutely nothing. I've tried different clean install versions of java to no avail, anybody seen a similar problem and hopefully a fix? Specs; Win 10 Home 64bit R9 390X 8350FX 32gb of ram Log is from a clean install first time run attempt of a modpack. http://pastebin.com/aWMzq1xH
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