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  1. Yeah, it's a lack of ram issue when the client crashes immediately like that. If you don't have the option to allocate more than 1GB of ram, you need to update your Java to the latest version (preferably 64bit if you're able) and then make sure your Java settings in the launcher settings is set to the right version of Java. Then you should be able to allocate as much ram as you want. I do 3GB for modpacks with heavier mods. It's just a target max though, not really a hard max. Java doesn't seem to care about how much ram you want it eating.
  2. There's a post here that covers how to name your dropbox links so Technic can download them: But to save you 5 minutes of scrolling for the answer, here it is:
  3. Hey guys. I'm new to the forums but I've been making modpacks for a while. Lately a few friends and I have been testing out 1.10.2 mods and we put together a little modpack to make updating and playing together easier, but I'm running into some issues with it updating. The launcher just seems to refuse to recognize updates. It seemed to work just fine about a week ago when I first set up the server/modpack, but now it just updates randomly and skips versions half the time. I start out with updating my dropbox host linke and hit update pack. Then I go directly in and change t
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