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  1. Nevermind! I've found the solution. It turns out I had the version wrong and had the modpack set to be for 1.7.9 rather than 1.7.10. Thanks for the help though!
  2. No luck I first tried to just do what you asked to the already installed modpack, but that didn't work so I edited the original files that I used to make the pack, zipped them up and uploaded it to Technic. However, after uninstalling, updating, and reinstalling the pack it still didn't work. Here is the new log for the launcher [Removed Pack Download Link to keep it Private] Thanks again!
  3. Recently I've attempted to make a modpack for me and some friends to use, however have ran into a strange issue where the launcher will simply close and reopen instead of launching the modpack. Here is the pastebin of the launcher logs [Removed Pack Link to keep it Private] [Removed Pack Download Link to keep it Private] Thank you in advance!
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