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  1. I am, if possible, looking to transfer a space station from Tekkit to the 1.7.10 pack. While all core mods are present in each pack and each block in the space station should be transferable to the 1.7.10 modpack, the data values are different and the base ends up being made of random blocks. Does anyone know of a way to transfer the base to a point where at least most of the core blocks are the same?
  2. Looking to combine Tekkit and FTB, preferably FTB-Infinity-Evolved, into one modpack. If not Infinity-Evolved, it may be easier to combine Tekkit with an older version of FTB that is also on 1.6.4. I run a small server and half of us like the technical aspect of Tekkit and the other half like the more creative side of FTB. We are trying to combine the aspects we like of both into a single modpack, if it does not already exist. The essentials of Tekkit we are looking for are galacticraft, logistics pipes, modular powersuits, thermal expansions, mystcraft and buildcraft. Does anyone know of a mo
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