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  1. As I've said, I have no log of the incident. The one log I have is useless because it just shows the normal modpack starting procedure then ends at the point where the client freezes. If you really insist on wanting the log, here's the entire thing, it goes from installing the technic launcher, to installing the modpack, to running the pack, to joining a server to the crash. line 1392 is when it starts to open the pack and the end of the log is the exact time of the crash. https://paste.ubuntu.com/23874358/
  2. Currently when i launch hexxit 1.0.10 the game runs smoothly for about 10 minutes then completely freezes. The game doesn't stop responding or even crash, and it just overlays on my screen until either I restart my computer or sometimes have the luck to get to task manager and stop the process. After I restart my computer or manage to close hexxit, the pack then refuses to open as if the play button doesn't work, until I can uninstall and reinstall the pack for another thrilling 10 minutes of gameplay to the same problem. tried fixes: -updated java from 8u111 to 8u121 -uninstall
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