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  1. Did you try updating Java from it's control panel? I've heard that this helps some users with this type of problem.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, it seems the hotifx helped solved the problem. After installing it, Technic Launcher works fine! Thanks for the help!
  3. Hey there mates, Just had this issue where launching a modpack does not work anymore. It loads the modpack, closes out of the technic launcher, and in about 5 seconds or so, the technic launcher window pops back up. Very strange, and I don't think it's a RAM allocation or performance issue, as with 8GB of allocated RAM, an i5 4570, and a GTX 1070, this shouldn't be an issue. I've tried reinstalling the modpacks, reinstalling the Technic Launcher, and reinstalling Java to no avail. The only modpack that works is the Vanilla one. Attached are the log files I have in my folder and the log file of the launcher itself. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, boys, and thank you to whoever helps me out here; I'm really stumped. Edit: Solution is to download the Nvidia hotfix for me, this will NOT work for AMD users, as an FYI. Here is the link to the hotfix. Launcher Log.txt techniclauncher_2017-02-02.log