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  1. I was playing Voltz with 2.0.0 but with the amount of bugs i dropped it back to 1.0.11. Now i hvae found some other little things missing and are bugged in that. So i was wondering what is the best version to play voltz on? If i remember, i think people were saying 1.1.4 is good but I'm not 100%. thoughts?
  2. where is the file download for 2.0.0 - i have tried the normal one and changed the version number but i get a 404 - not found error...
  3. after reading through all the issues and bugs. Would you guys recommend updating a 1.0.6 server to 1.1.5?
  4. Just wondering, is anyone else having problems feeding stirling engines coal/charcoal with transport pipes?
  5. Hello, I have built a space station on my tekkit server but none of my friends seem to see it... how do i go about sharing my space station with other people? Thanks
  6. woops forgot about that, sorry my bad...
  7. Any idea when a new recommended build is going to be released? My MC server host doesnt allow me to run Dev builds on Voltz. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, Im having problems joining a VOLTZ server... when i click join server i get the loading for a few seconds and then a blank screen with just the "done" button at the bottom. any ideas? thanks