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  1. Yeah. I got some from MinecraftSix and 9Minecraft and I'll go to the author's websites and get the newest versions for everything
  2. Hmmm... maybe the LOTR mod won't work because it creates another dimension that you can spawn in to. Does anyone know if I should try to use MCPC+? My mod pack is 1.7.10, and I'm sure MCPC+ only goes up to 1.6.4. I've removed ALL the client mods and am using the latest Forge. P
  3. Thank you all for the help! Let me see how this'll work with the mods! It still does the same thing. That was the original problem. When I open the Forge server file, it loads some stuff in, then closes. I will try a batch file, but first, since you're all smarter than me, I'll show you a crash report: And I've also got a more detailed one from the batch file, I think it actually worked, because Java asked for Admin rights near the end. I wanted to test it, so I declined, and copied the code. I will allow java more access and see how that works, but there are still errors.
  4. Here it is! (I used MEGA)!zBEzDCrZ!U1Ilcnz6HbbHxlEyuIZIWNGcdhJt2-z-hluz9-Y4Kg0
  5. So, hello. I didn't know where to put this, but I'm making a Minecraft 1.7.10 server, I've put in the mods and the configs, and when I open the forge server file, It doesn't want to load a large number of the mods. I don't know why, because they're all non-client, and they work in singleplayer. Please help!