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  1. LOL didn't see those, must've been an accident when I was transferring mods. Still wasn't the issue though..? Also tried this, didn't work unfortunately. I will try and reinstall all the mods tomorrow.
  2. My custom modpack that runs on 1.7.10 launches, FML loads for a while (gets to 2/7) then crashes. Crash Log: https://pastebin.com/j5y8ukgN Can't post modpack link rn
  3. Thanks for the help, it worked! Also what causes this so I know for the future? I like to read the forums as best I can before I post
  4. My Technic Launcher won't launch any of my modpacks, including Vanilla, I have installed the NVIDIA Hotfix, I have the correct Java version but everytime I click "play" it loads minecraft assets then the launcher flashes and nothing happens. Please help ;( Logs:http://pastebin.com/g7cqJQ0P DxDiag:http://pastebin.com/dR2ubiKu PS: In my Java settings in the launcher, I set my memory to 3GB. There are also 0 crash reports or errors. I have reinstalled everything to no avail.
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