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  1. The alt key pauses the game or something. I've also had this happen.
  2. Couldn't find another to place to post this but here's the deal. Im trying to get the latest version of Thaumcraft 2 on Yogbox, but this requires the use of Yogbox 1.2.5, which of course, is broken. Now im working on finding out what the hell is causing 1.2.5 to crash. Since I barely understand how Java works at all, I'll leave a log file here for you guys to figure out. I'll cut out information i find useless to reduce the size of this post. By the way, im using Windows 8.1 and the latest version of Java as of now. 4GB RAM and a penti. LINK TO LOG FILE (WAS TOO LARGE TO PASTE): http://pastebin.com/8J0q8z3y Finds in log file: Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Catch type is not a subclass of Throwable in exception handler 263 Type 'ait' (constant pool 315) is not assignable to 'java/lang/Throwable'
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