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  1. This server offers a nice challenge for anyone who does not want to become overpowered instantly. Common mobs can have over 100hp and hit like trucks. A great verity of magic mods, survival mods, and chocolate quest make this server the squeal to Hexxit we never got! Overall I give this pack a 10/10 if you are wanting an interesting themed pack, with rpg and exploration... However if you are wanting a calm and relaxing pack where machines do all the work, then this pack is not for you.
  2. This is quite the fun server! This server literally has everything for everyone. Want to play with magic, they have 5+ mods for that... You like tech, over 15 mods for that... Want more weapons?! Over 20 mods for that!!! It even has random stuff that very good builders (like myself) can take advantage of when building structures such as the chisel mod. Overall this server is really good and surprisingly stable for having so many mods. 9/10 for me besides the small bits of lag near water but I think that is due to my poor PC.
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