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  1. Awesome! Much appreciate the info!
  2. Man, tough crowd out here eh...?
  3. Dear Technic and Tekkit community, I have recently tried re-installing and playing on the Technic launcher again and have been unable to successfully play any modpacks. I've tried a few unofficial modpacks without any luck, but am most interested in playing Tekkit, specifically... unfortunately it will not 'Play' either. I have the Technic launcher open, I press 'Play' on the Tekkit modpack, the program appears to be loading, then the launcher pops back up and no modpack launches. I have attached a copy of the Technic Console Log: Tekkit Launch - Error report Also, I've attached the crash report: crash-2017-04-13_10.33.41-client.txt If anyone can offer help or suggestions for a solution, it would be greatly appreciated! I love vanilla minecraft as well, but have been hankering for something more lately... Cheers Tekkit Launch - Error report.txt crash-2017-04-13_10.33.41-client.txt
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