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  1. For Tekkit Lite? (sorry, been away for quite some time)
  2. I had a similar issue on Tekkit Lite. Resetting the server (This means deleting the world folder) fixed my issue.
  3. Jivaii


    All the mods are loaded, as confirmed by NEI. We generated a new world, and that gave us all the ores we couldn't find before. Only thing that makes sense is that the world gen got corrupted partially on the previous world.
  4. Me and my friends set up a 0.6.1 server, but we're having issues finding any of the mod ores. As in, we can't find any, at all. Has anyone else had this problem and is there anything we can do to fix it?
  5. Could we possibly get a couple more sort features for the modpack lists? Such as whether it's a pack for a specific server, or an SSP, or a pack that has a server pack you can possibly download (Also opens up making server-host packs an option?)
  6. Well, once you figure it out, and make a guide, I'll link it here. Though I may make another thread for the actual guides and use this for requesting/disscussion on making.
  7. I had to do it manually to get all them running together till they filled themselves. Though since the plant creates more saplings then it uses, you can leave it running and it'll fill them all up. You'll just get lowered returns till then.
  8. Most of my stuff I do on a full industrial level. If it's making excess, I can normally trash it (When it's a renewable like rubber)
  9. Making a video of the rubber plant won't be hard. An in-game clock, something that states in-game time...Just day/night for use underground or something that actually gives you the time?
  10. I've got little else to do and have some free time coming up. If you have something you want to see get automated (Like my rubber plant I made today) request it here. If you have a automated something and would like to share it, post it here and I'll stick it in this OP. Automated Rubber Plant (Creator: Jivaii)
  11. I left it running while I went to sleep, that farm almost filled 2 diamond chests...
  12. I decided to create a new automatic rubber farm for Tekkit lite Here's what I came up with. So after 24 hours non-stop operation, the plant shown in the link has filled three diamond chests, and all planters remain completely filled.
  13. I'm going to go out on a minor limb and hope for an overhaul, since alot of the mods used in Tekkit 3 have been overhauled/completely changed/no longer supported
  14. The wrench that comes with Thermal Expansion works wonderfully when shift-clicked on the cell.
  15. That's similar to my set-up, though I've got a line of energy cells to feed into one which is controlling the overall output. (many batteries into one)