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  1. MC username: LunarWolfMC How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? I played it a lot in the past, still have a lot of my past experience in my head so I know what I'm doing when it comes to older versions of Applied Energistics, Industrial Craft, Power Armor, etc. How often do you plan on playing? A lot of the hours of the day throughout the summer and a bit less when school starts again Anything else we should know? Not much else to know
  2. Not sure if you're still accepting but Minecraft Username: LunarWolfMC Skype (not necessary but preferred): strormo135 Why do you want to join?: Been looking for a good Tekkit Lite servers for days. First tried doing singleplayer and got bored with no community. Multiplayer public servers failed me with resetting often and such. What aspects will you bring to the server?: I'd be on often and talk to members online at the times I'm online How often can you play and timezone: I can be on pretty often considering it's Summer now, and Eastern Standard Time Anything else?: Generally prefer working on my own but I am very talkative to communities and such.
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