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  1. This sometimes happens on that pipe if there are items in it before it is directed. Try unplugging your macerator (break the glass fibre cable next to it), then break the iron pipe. Let all the items flow out of the iron and clay pipe on the bottom layer, then place the iron pipe back in. Make sure the clear side of the iron pipe is facing the clay pipe by using a wrench. Now plug the macerator back in.
  2. If you are talking about collectors, then just disable MK2 and MK3 collectors. If you are talking about blaze rod emc generators, then you could remove blaze rods as an item that macerators are able to grind up. Then people would have to put bones in their emc genertors instead, which generate a lot less emc. Though I have no clue what you do to actually disable those things.
  3. Hello all, This is a short tutorial on how to make sweet redstone ingots. Sweet redstone ingots are used to make flux pipe, a very awesome block that can be used to power machines and extraction pipes. It took me more time than I want to admit to figure out how to make these ingots, which is why I'm trying to make this guide simple and straight forward. The resources you will need are: 1 modular socket 1 multi smelter 2 item input 1 machine output 1 energy input 2 obsidian transport pipe 1 chest 1 socket remote 2 redstone dus
  4. Hello all, HV solar panels produce a hefty 512 EU/t, and when combined with a good method for storing their power, are generally considered the best power source in Tekkit. Their primary disadvantage is how long they take to craft. Which is why I have created a relatively lag-free method for automatically producing HV solar panels, and this is the tutorial for how to make it. I doubt that I am the first to come up with this type of design, but I haven't found any good guides out there that don't take up an unnecessary amount of space (but I'm not claiming that this design is optimized).
  5. Hello all, This is an offshoot from my other post. It is a short tutorial on how to make a basic blaze rod emc generator. It doesn't have high output, but it should hold you over until you can afford to go for the big guns that is Project 71. The resources you will need are: 4 solar panel 2 batbox 1 condenser 1 macerator 1 chest 2 redstone engine 1 redstone block 2 wooden transport pipe 4 copper cable Total emc cost is 77,695. This device produces roughly twice the emc that a MK1 power flower does. But a MK1 power flower costs
  6. Hello all, This is a short tutorial on how to convert industrial craft power (EU/t) into buildcraft power (RF/t) and teleport it from your generator to wherever it is needed. After that you can also convert it back into EU/t if need be. For most applications a basic setup shown below is needed. Note that your power teleport pipe should be in "send only" mode and that you must specify a frequency to use. My personal favorite is frequency 120 because it is easy to remember (voltage of a wall outlet in America). To change the settings on your power teleport pipe, simply right click. The
  7. Hello all, I've managed to create a very compact blaze rod emc generator for Tekkit Legends that fits within a 3x4x4 space, in a couple hours it can generate enough emc to make a full set of gem armor, and now I have several stacks of red matter furnaces laying around. It also doesn't have any laggy components and can easily keep up with the EMC needs of everyone on my server. This design might work on other versions of Tekkit, if someone wants to test it out then let me know. Project 71 EMC Generator This is a basic tutorial of how to build it, however this is an END GA
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