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  1. The pack works now! Thank you for your suggestion!
  2. AetherPirate, thanks for your reply! I'll try the newer Optifine, as well as the new version of forge. Thanks!
  3. Hello programmers, gamers, and modders alike, Recently, I decided to try my hand at making a modpack for my friends and I, called The ZyploPack, named after yours truly. I used several different text and video guides to help me create it, and it fundamentally works, as it is available in the Technic Launcher, but whenever I attempt to try and run it via the Play button, it loads up to the Mojang screen, then crashes, leaving me frustrated and confused. It worked when I was only using one mod, SecurityCraft 1.7.10, but I wanted to add more mods to the pack, so I added all of the mods I wanted in, which is when the crashing returned (it was there before I tried only using one mod). This was the crash report of the last time I tried to run it is attached. Please help me get my modpack up and running. Cheers! - Zyplomad crash-2017-07-11_08.51.58-client.txt
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