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  1. Ok thanks, I thought it might be something really dumb! and thanks for that link I have been struggling to find the original links from the authors for older MC versions and the thousands of clones and stuff :/
  2. Ok so I'm new I tried to look at tutorials but I can't figure this out. all mods are compatible and are literally just copied from my Minecraft folder. I feel like there is a really easy and dumb explanation but here goes: Downloaded latest 1.8.9 Forge universal (Pic 5), mods and config was in there as from my Main Minecraft folder(Pic 3/4) It downloads really weirdly though as you can see In Pic 1 All of those folders are empty apart from the top folder which contains basically everything from the zip and the main bin folder which has (pic 5) in it. What am I doing wrong why is this booting a
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