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  1. going to from now on. This is the 4th seed I have had ruined. I thought it was Mystcraft all this time...bastards
  2. I figured out what was resetting my chunks. Teleport Pipes. The second I put one in, the game got screwy, so I restarted. when it came back up, the chunk the pipe was in was reset. Has anyone else had this?
  3. I'm bored and impatient, so I thought I;d try making 1.3.2 full of mods. I have no idea what i am doing. any tips on where to start?
  4. hmmm. I use pixelmator, but I wonder now if I didn't save it as a png...
  5. Trying to alter the textures in minecraft. I started simple, changing the moon. how do I go about going from 16x16 to 32x32? when I open the file in my editor, the smaller things are 1 pixel, I can't subdivide that.
  6. So All that needs to be done is make files of identical dimensions, and rename to match the existing filename? What if I wanted to make a 32x32 or greater? is there something else that must be done? or do I simply chenge the resolution of the files I create?
  7. I'm just getting into the idea of making my own pack. How do I go about doing this? Is it different making a x64 pack than it is an x16 pack? I just need help to get started.
  8. I think I got it to work last night, but not sure. I'll confirm tonight. I do have java, this I know.
  9. Are they dependable yet? I want to try, but don't want to waste my time, as I am not a genius software guy like you all are.
  10. I double-clicked. The files were all .class files that wouldn't open. there was a .xml or 2, but not much else.
  11. ok I downloaded, do I need to put it into a specific folder? run a particular file? I couldn't get it to work last night, though I did have it on the desktop...
  12. I know I am dumb, but where can I find the .jar of the launcher? Is that the one on the main technic pack website?
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