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  1. Aha - thank you - Technic Launcher both manages thousands of mods/modpacks and launches Minecraft directly, and you can't have one function without the other. Sorry - I know that this should be obvious to me with the word "launcher" in the title. I wasn't getting that it was a replacement for the Mojang Minecraft launcher; I was just looking for the mod installer. Thank you for your patience.
  2. FYI, this doesn't answer my questions. I have a Minecraft ID and PW. I'm sure that it would pass validation. What does Technic Launcher need it for? I don't want to log into Minecraft, I just want to install a mod. Basic computer security sense tells me that I shouldn't provide a third party with a password unless it's needed for something. What does TL do that would require it? (When I tried to find this answer, I couldn't find a good answer to "What does TL do?" I know it's needed to install the "Race to the Moon" mod that I'm trying to install, but what is its general purpose? An "About" page should answer that question in terms that a 51-yr-old computer science major can understand.)
  3. Hi all, It's 51-yr-old Dad here, trying to install the latest mod that the kids want. It's not the usual process of copying ZIPs and JARs to the proper folders - a piece of software is going to do that for me. OK, the kids really want this mod, so we'll install Technic Launcher as seems to be required. OK, installed. Please enter Mojang ID and password. Nope! Why should I give Technic Launcher my Mojang ID and PW? I'd love to read about why this is necessary. Is there a one-page about this software and what it does? Screenshots? The About page has history and bios. The Wiki doesn't seem to be written for beginners like me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you! Dad/Tom.