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  1. Yep. Issue fixed after I tried reinstalling the pack just now.
  2. Hey All, Brand new to Technic, but been wanting to do this for a while. Only issue is, on my laptop I cannot actually play the AotBT modpack despite installing it. The download & installation seems to complete fine, but I never actually get to see the play button. I know what should be happening as I've installed and played AotBT on my desktop, where it worked fine. I have tried: - Deleting the pack and redownloading/installing it via the delete pack button, bottom right of modpacks tab - Reinstalling the pack via the modpack options menu - Restarting my laptop - Restarting the Technic launcher This problem also persists with other modpacks (I tried Blightfall and got the same issue). I am using the current default minecraft Java, 1.8.0_191 64-bit, with 3GB of RAM set in the launcher options. Any help is greatly appreciated. Latest log (Including installing Blightfall) is here.
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