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  1. I have done this several times. At first it was AC2, then I downloaded the stable version of almost all mod. Unfortunately, it is still crashed.
  2. Hi Guys. I need help with my modpack. This is my first own modpack. Everything is perfect, except for a few mistakes. Here are the errors that crop up. Many players crash when they first launch the modpack. The skin of each player disappears in between and is replaced by the Steve Skin (this only happens in a single player). When playing longer, it happens from time to time that Minecraft crashes. Moreover, if you play the modpack on a server and die then you will be kicked off the server. If there is a player nearby, this will also be kicked. I've already freed the modpack from the ongoing crashes, but it still can happen. I hope you can help me. I will mention everyone helping on the Modpack page. To the mod pack: Sorry for my bad english.