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  1. Really all I can give you is the mods I don't exactly have a console clip of it quitting mods
  2. There is one other thing Et Futurum for some reason makes my minecraft character use an error skin
  3. This makes me salty
  4. Its forge you have to rename it that it's weird
  5. Why won't this Badmobs config work?
  6. Here
  7. Whenever I try to load up a world in my modpack it tells me "a fatal error has occurred this connection has been terminated" Can I have some help? Consoles, It didn't let me put the last one so I'll put it in dropbox console.txt?dl=0 Mods, also in dropbox updated mods.txt?dl=0
  8. I Generated a world in my custom modpack and it won't load! Can i have some help? I think this has something to do with "snowman stat IDs" Here's the console and mods. Console Mods
  9. I got it to launch and load by removing candycraft and rancraft penguins also added i few mods because I thought it was working its not when I try to make a world it crashes think it has something to do with "stat.killEntity.SnowMan" So only thing i can guess is that a snow golem is broken crash report and new modlist. Mods Report
  10. What am i suppose to change the ID to?
  11. I added candycraft back because I figured out that it conflicted with the morph mod but i think that made it worse. Removed the mutant creatures mod too. Console,
  12. Still not working! Console,
  13. When I open my modpack it starts to load then crashes! Think this might have something to do with candy craft. Please help! Console, Mods,
  14. Did you rename it to modpack.jar?
  15. Go to the forge website and download the universal forge.jar rename it to modpack.jar go to the bin folder of your modpack there should be a jar of the same name replace the modpack.jar that was already in the folder then replace it with the forge that you renamed to modpack.jar and then it should be updated!