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  1. I suppose that depends on whether or not 'Classic Pack' rang a bell with a modpack name that has been popular and trending for years, which has a mod list on its technic page
  2. The user contacted me via Discord and I helped them resolve the issue, leaving the fix here: The Classic Pack uses 'tabbychat' a litemod that enhances the default chat system. One of the default options includes chat history, which saves per-server/world so that players can quickly check what their friends said in private DMs. In this particular case, the user did indeed spam their chat with.. a lot of messages via the MineTweaker verbose. The fix is to go into the root liteconfig/common/TabbyChat2/ folder and delete the singleplayer or multiplayer world. Also worth highlighting that @Kuramai should avoid outputting to the client with MineTweaker and instead use the commands that output to the CraftTweaker log. Using a program such as SnakeTail really helps with this as it automatically reloads when it gets new information.
  3. Hey, that's my pack. 'Nostalgic' is in the description! Lots of people run it on Singleplayer only, but there are also some servers included. The lite version is lite in the sense that it is somewhat easier to run a 1.7.10 pack rather than 1.12.2, but honestly- when it comes to modpacks as long as you can actually load up, playing should be fine. The Lite pack is also The Classic Pack prior to updating to 1.12.2, so it does not have any of the new mod updates, new tweaks/fixes etc. 2GB Ram is the absolute minimum to boot, 4GB is the recommended maximum unless you're using Shaders + a high res texturepack. Easiest thing to do would be to load it up and see if it runs to your liking- we have a great Discord community that would be happy to give you pointers.
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