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  1. Also, if I don't reply right away, don't be discouraged, I just usually have things that take priority, and i have no choice but to attend to them first, but I will respond.
  2. The important thing here to remember is when someone gives you advice to take it, but to mold it to yourself! Create your own breathing, living thing, with your mind! Just remember this is your baby, not mine. Now as far as the descriptions go, those are fine, great in fact! Just remember, describing their body does not describe their traits, so when you go to write for this person, become him, and speak as he would, and act as he would. Now, I'd go into more of a rant but I just got up and i can barely see the screen, so forgive the typos.
  3. Chapter X1 "Where are we going?" Carrington asked quietly, a small quiver in his voice as the small boy looked in the distance, the black smoke rising into the crimson sunrise, seemingly hiding the city from the destruction it had truly suffered. Carrington quickly looked away, unsure suddenly of his choice to go with Nostrum. Carrington felt a small tug on his hand and looked up to see the smiling old man looking down on him. "Ain't no reason to be scared boy," Nostrum said, looking back up to the burning city, "As long as yer with me, there ain't gonna be a Notch-damned thing a mage can do to you." Carrington forced a weak smile before looking back to the ground, too afraid to look back towards the city. "This is on you." Keith spat before turning away once more, still walking down the road. Nostrum sighed, and shook his head, a bitter taste of regret forming in his mouth. It made him sick. They walked for an hour along the broken and flaming road. It was odd how much of the roadways were actually attacked. Then again, it made since to Nostrum cutting off trade and commerce. If people couldn't get supplies...they would die. "We're a bloody mining town...we can't eat the rocks." Nostrum said to himself as he continued to walk, making sure the boy was tight in his hand as he did so. In the distance, Nostrum could already smell burning death. It was unnatural, and sickening. Knowing as they got closer to the ashes, they would be inhaling the bodies of the burned- "Stop!" Keith hissed suddenly, literally pushing Nostrum and Carrington into a bunch of fallen crates as he, himself ducked down behind them. "What the hell-" Nostrum tried to speak but was cut off by a cuffed hand against his mouth. Nostrum slapped it away, giving Keith a stern look as he did so. "Please!" A woman screamed, backing away on the ground, her hands ripping themselves open amoungst the rock and shattered glass on the road, "Please!" In her lap was a small child, no more than four or five. The poor thing was too terrified to even cry. "Take the child, make it swift. A pulse through the head will be enough to put it out of its-" "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" The woman screamed, gripping her child as she stood up, "You will not harm a hair on his head!" Nostrum tried to stand up, but was thrown back down by Keith. "You ain't gonna stop me boy." Nostrum said, fighting to stand again. "This is the quickest, and easiest way." The voice belonged to another mage. He had long black hair and dark red robes. There were various trinkets and items strapped to a belt on his waist. The black haired mage walked up to the woman and grabbed her chin. "Trust me, you want it to end this way. Other mothers have fought harder than you, and their children..." "Shut your-" The mother cried before hacking snot in her throat, spitting the glob of mucus in the Mage's face- "FACKING MOUTH!" She lifted her leg and with all of her might slammed it in between the mage's legs, sending him on his knees before she herself was pulsed with an amazing amount of force to the ground! "NO MORE!" Nostrum shouted heaving his chest forward, Throwing Keith and his armor off himself before standing, facing the mages there were four of them. Two of the mages were holding back a now screaming child, restrained by a binding spell from the mages. The black haired mage was on the floor and the forth mage was stepping towards the woman, who had seemed to be knocked cold by the pulse. "NO MORE!" Nostrum screamed again. Pulling the magnetized hammer from his back. "You know what to do son." Nostrum said, glancing back towards Carrington before marching towards the mages. Keith watched Carrington crawl into one of the open crates before standing himself, meeting up with Nostrum. "Stupidity." Keith spat before pulling his sword towards the mages. "Let them go." Keith said coldly raising the blade towards the mages who simply laughed in his face. "You're not even holding it right!" One of the mages laughed before a bright blue beam of light slammed into the sword knocking it from Keith's hand, skidding it across the road! "Let them go and you'll walk free." Nostrum said, Cog head in his hand. "This I promise you. But if you don't leave now-" Suddenly one of the mages disappeared, much like an enderman, and re appeared in Nostrum's face! "Wait..." The mage, his hair and eyes hidden behind the hood of his robe, "I know who you are...you've claimed a few trophies of your own, haven't you?" Nostrum said nothing, only stood his ground, waiting for the mage to attack. "Yeah, people are calling your name already, especially a few up my own." His piercing brown eyes stared down the old man. Nostrum returned the favor. "You call for mercy, yet you're doing the exact...same...thing-" "Oh, enough of this BULLSHIT!" Keith cried, and before Even Nostrum could react, Keith heaved his body into the air, throwing his right leg forward, the heel of his boot slamming into the mouth of the mage as he pushed his weight forward and with one great heave spun the mage to the ground, slamming his head against the pavement, his boot crushing the mage's skull underneath! Broken teeth and brain splattered on the ground as Keith rolled to the left, grabbing his sword and standing once more in a fighting position. "Kill them." "No!" Nostrum screamed, charging forward but it was too late. One of the mages Levitated a nearby chunk of road with his magic, aiming it at the boy who began to scream in terror as the Mage Threw his fingers forward and with a quick "zing" and "CRACK!" gore exploded from the child's skull as his body fell limp to the ground. "YOU FU-FU-FUCKING-" Nostrum stammered, pushing charging to the mage who held the stone. The mage merely smiled and pointed towards the mother. Nostrum seemingly against his will stopped and looked just in time as she was thrown magically into a pile of protruding re-bar! the sickening sound of flesh and bone exploded as she landed. After a moment she looked down and saw what had happened before looking to her child. Her eyes grew wide as blood steak tears began to stream down her face, only for a moment before she died, still staring at her son. Nostrum was unable to move, unable to speak, even though, behind him, he could hear Keith fighting something behind him. Nostrum's world faded behind him, a new world of black began to surround him, and as the light began to fade away- "NNOOOOOOOOOOOOSS!" Out of instinct, Nostrum fell on his stomach, just in time to see nine or ten black balls soar past his head, slam into the ground, ripping up the blocks, absorbing them....and just keep going... "Uh..uh...uh...." Nostrum was barely holding consiousness. Not because of injury, but because of shock. He rolled on his back, his head landing in a thick globbing substance...Nostrum swallowed, holding back the vomit that was quickly building in his throat. "This. Is why. Therras. Must burn!" The black haired mage was standing, holding a strange yellow and red jewel in his hand. It had a bright red glow and chimed every few seconds, the pitch growing louder and louder. His free hand covered his crotch and every moment of so he had to semi bend over to remain standing. "The destruction catalyst," The mage said between struggled breaths, "Makes clean up a breeze." The mage threw his hand forward and from within the gem black orbs exploded from within it, Spiraling towards Nostrum!
  4. Oh, oh, OH! Before I forget one more thing, if you don't already do it, it helps me at least. Try to listen to music that portrays to the situation- Epic music for fights, ambient for regular scenes, dark ambient for horror, and sad obviously for sad moments. It helps more than you may think.
  5. Alright buddy, you wanted my opinion, and you're like me, in the fact that you rather have someone tell you that your work is a piece of of shit that should not even be wrote, and be honest, as for someone to tell you that "Oh MA GOOD! ZIS IS DA BEST TING EVVAA!!!" and lie to your face about it. That I can respect more than anything, someone who can tell me the truth. With that being said, please do not become angry with what I say. Now before you assume the worse, it was good, but I will give my opinion, and should you wish, I can go back and give proper reasoning for my actions, if this is okay with you. If you have any questions about what I have written, feel free to ask, and if at all possible, I will answer them to the best of my ability. Oh, and before we begin, I need to tell you this: You may not see too many replies to your story, and your constitution will suffer for this. You are an author who wants feedback for what you write, like me, and a lot of times you may not get it. I'm not going to tell you to ignore it either, as I have the exact same problem when I write. I like for people to talk to me and give me feedback and when there is nothing but silence on the thread, it is, to be put bluntly, disheartening. But even so, try to push through it, and keep writing and hone your writing skills and become great at what you do! Also, another tidbit: It is proven that more and more people are selling their T.Vs and cancelling Dish, Direct, and other cable subscriptions in turn for the internet, and other media. With this being said, Reading, E-books and other writing criteria seems to be making a comeback, something that has been somewhat lost to many of the masses. Now, on to my opinion. The first and most important thing I must point out is your exemplary spelling! When I write, I get lost in a mood and in the story itself, and often times more than none, my grammar and spelling takes a turn for the worst, and I notice many grammatical errors in my works. Its no because I'm too lazy to spell check, but instead it's because the words have errors that are considered "correct." An example of this would be "From" often turned into "Form" due to my hastiness in writing. Unfortunate as that is, immersion is often broken when readers read what I have written. What I have noticed is the fact that you take so much time to make sure things are correct in your spelling, making reading much more easy for the reader. The time you have taken to make sure you grammar and spelling are correct are much more than what I can usually achieve, and for that you should be very, very proud of yourself. Now, A negative. (Yes, I'm going stewie Griffin positive, negative, positive sandwich on you.) The first thing I noticed is that you said that your mother thought this was brilliant and it was the reason you wanted to bring it to a wider, more mature audience, yeah? That being said I strongly, STRONGLY believe that you are holding your own mind back and restricting what you truly wish to write. Or I could be entirely wrong and you write like this so that you can appeal to more than an adult audience. If the latter is true, forgive me, I am an ass. If the prior is true, I give you this advice: Step up, and out of your comfort zone. Write in such a way that you read it and go, "Oh my god, what have I made?" Now before you take this out of context, I mean that you should be far more descriptive in your works. Now, as I was reading, the price comes across a fallen soldier in the battlefield. Apparently, this soldier has been trampled by a horse, as the wound is evident through his chest. Now let's take this idea and expand upon it, shall we? Go into detail, the thick, grimy detail that you normally wouldn't push yourself to do. The bones have penetrated through his chest, yeah? You got the point across and being a visual reader, I can see the wound. I see the soldier, gurgling, being hardly able to speak, his teeth, crimson and shattered, blood pouring from his mouth, mixing with the saliva dripping from his chin and running down his neck, pooling behind his head while he tries to lift his head, failing to do so and continuing to choke upon his own blood. I look at his chest, a gaping crater, collapsing his chest, three ribs penetrating from within, tearing the skin, more blood oozing from the wounds. The soldier shudders with every breath and every word is a struggle (You got this part right by the way : ) )) for him to say. Sure, its not much of a change, but truly describing what you are seeing helps more than you think it does. LIke mundus said earlier "Be more descriptive." I truly believe you are holding yourself back on this part. Another thing is, as well, I don't know your moral/religious standing, but I also noticed, while the characters seemed to have a personality, in the end, I felt like I was interacting with a bunch of clones, but I will get to this later. Now, another good thing: The story itself is something I must say is original, something completely new, and fresh, and though the setting is something I would expect from the Fable series of games, That's not a bad thing since Lionhead studios fucked up with that part. Maybe you can improve on this part. In essence, I love what I have read so far! Keep it up! Now, another "YOU FUCKED UP!" moment: >.> I'm terribly sorry >.> XD Now, back to something I was going to rant about earlier, and again this goes into the "You're holding yourself back part." The characters in your story kind of infuriate me. Now this may be in part of my own stupidity, or my thick head, or maybe some figment of imagination in my head is screaming obscenities at me, but either way it goes I feel strongly there was no depth in between your characters, though I do get the like father like son aspect of this. Now before you scream at me and say "YOUR WRONG!" hear me out, then you can scream at me. Fair? Good. I'm not going to go into each character, but I will say this: When each person was talking, I kind of felt like they were all the same guys. You might as well thrown a bunch of stormtroopers into the room and put name tags on their chestplate to tell them apart, because that would have been the only way you would be able to do so. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! >.> Now, I don't believe this was entirely your fault. This goes back to "Mum thought it was good." Now I'm going to explain it because I come from the exact situation. Back when I was fifteen or so and I was first starting to get into writing, I would often try to get mamma to read my works to see if they were any good. However because she was my main audience, I often found myself restricting my writings because of it. Take for example, I would want to make a character, say a drunken bastard with a mouth of a flamethrower on him that was a pervert and had no regards to what anyone cared as to what rolled out of his mouth. I often found myself writing things like: "That danged woman, I would hit her if she wasn't a woman." Now, its not bad, persay, but I often felt that was not my Bastard that I had created, and often times, because of this flaw, characters really began to blend in together, and because of my writing style, people often couldn't tell who was talking at the time. Now what I truly wanted to write was: "That stupid bitch! If she so much as looks at me with that stupid fucking grin of her's again, I'll grab her goddamned head and bash it on the first table I can fucking find!" Shocking eh? That's the point. The first thought you have is "OH MY GOD!" how could you say something like that! Well the common person would truly react if they heard a man spit something like that. At first, I truly did not want to write like this because I had boundaries myself. I still do, but each person is their own person, if you understand what I mean and should be treated as such. Sure, it may not be how you act yourself, but this character is not you when it comes down to it, and just because you are bothered to write like this, it doesn't mean you shouldn't write like that. Believe me, when mamma first read one of my "mature writings" She almost slapped me, but didn't because she realized its no different than seeing it on T.V. My advice to you is to break out of your comfort zone and really try to write out of your normal box. This makes for more unique and believable characters all with their own personality. Try it, The results might surprise you! Okay, I've stapled on enough shit for now. My rant is over and the short version of this is that you have something precious here, so don't stop it. embrace it and run with it! You have something great here, hold it tight and don't let go, and one day, you'll see this to frutition. Hope this helps!
  6. CHAPTER X1... Tonight..... ((Seriously though, lack O' internet sucks...))
  7. Hey guys, this thread can be unstickied now. Everything has already passed, and I thank you all for your help. But yeah, this doesn't need to be stickied anymore and its only taking up valuable forums space. Thanks.
  8. As always guys, thank you for your reading! It means so much to me!
  9. Chapter X "Nos, get up, Let's go we have to get to sis." Nostrum's eyes opened up, looking up at Keith, who was trying to pull him up, a slight scruff growing on his face. "You look like shit..." The old man groaned, looking up at the dimly lit orange sky. It was a little before dawn. "Yeah, well," Keith said, patting his pants off, "You're not much better for wear friend. Come on. I have to find Melissa. Okay?" Nostrum wiped the grime from his eyes and nodded. He began to stand but felt an immense weight on his leg! "Oh, hey, almost forgot about you little buddy." Nostrum said quietly, watching the young boy's face fight with the sleep he was being woke from. Nostrum ran his massive hand through the boys hair, which was still caked in ash, and dust. "What am I going to do with you?" Nostrum asked himself quietly staring at the boy. He remembered his daughters, how they would do the same thing in the evenings, especially on cold nights. Emma would always curl up in his massive arms, seemingly hanging on for dear life, but having the utmost trust in her father as she hung there, her eyes always looking towards the fireplace. Katie would sit on his lap, resting her head on his chest, often grabbing her stuffed sheep, or sucking her thumb. Life had been good, at least for a time anyways. "What about him?" Keith asked quietly. Nostrum didn't have to look, he knew what Keith was talking about. "I..." Nostrum said quietly, his voice rattling in his throat, "I honestly don't know son." Nostrum let his head fall back against the wall of the building he had fallen asleep on. "I promised I would take care of him, and I don't think I can leave him here-" "But where we are gong Nost, it's no place for him." Keith said, his voice stern, and firm. "I know." Nostrum sighed, opening his eyes. They were saggy, deep lines carving the age into his face. "I know." "Then leave him here. Its the best chance he's got." After Nostrum didn't reply for a few seconds, Keith stood in front of Nostrum and bent down. "Listen to me buddy, please. I don't want anything bad happening to that kid, and in return affecting you in a negative way. You know what you have to do Nost, He's better off here." Nostrum slowly cast his green eyes up at Keith, chewing slightly as he thought. Nostrum looked at the young man. Just a few hours before, he was a coward, and scared shitless, unable to cope with the fact that what had happened to his home, and to his people. All of that changed with one simple message. Was this normal? TO go from a kind, passive engineer to a soldier, in a matter of hours? The thought baffled Nostrum. "NOS!" Keith snapped, grabbing Nostrum's chin, making him look at Keith. "We have to do something about the boy. If he dies in your hands, you'll never be the same. Please, listen to me, I know you made a promise to that boy, but sometimes you have to compromise. Please. We gotta go soon, and whether you like it or not, I cannot face that on my own. Nostrum, listen to me. Leave him here." Keith's face was suddenly drained of all color as the boy spoke, his eyes still closed. "If you leave then you'll both be killed as well, and I'll have no one else. I'll be alone again..." The boy still seemed in a dream like state. "Pappa told me to stay and he went outside. Men in robes came and burned him to ash. He promised I would be safe. Pappa lied..." A single tear fell from the little boy's nose, landing on Nostrum's pant leg. "Your Pappa never lied son. You're safe, ain't ya?" Nostrum said in a soft, reassuring voice. "No..." The boy said, his chest heaving wildly, trying to hold back from sobbing, "Not if you go. I don't want to be alone Mister...PLEAAAASE!" The boy leaped up from the ground and before Nostrum could even react the boy locked his arms tightly around Nostrum's neck, sobbing into his chest! "Da-a-a-ddy said I would be safe, he would come back to get me, H-h-h-he n-n-never diiid!" The boy sobbed inconsolably, refusing to let go of Nostrum! "And mamma, she said, the same thing, she said she would, get better, then we, would go, to the park a-a-an-d we'd be happy, but she never woke up! I tried and tried, and shook her and shook her, and daddy cried, and I cried, but she wouldn't wake up! I-I-I-I-IIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" Nostrum's lip began to quiver, memories of his own flooding back to him. Keith stood up and turned away, running his hand across his mouth, grabbing his chin as he shook his head, absolutely stunted on what to say next. "Da-a-addy said she had to sleep for a while in the dark, and that's why he put her into the basket and put her int he ground, I ca-a-ame everyday, hoping that it was time, and we could be a family, and that, that....THEN DAAAAAADDY!" Nostrum quickly grabbed the back of the boy's head and held him close, the tears in his eyes blurring his own vision and bringing back the burning memories of his family as he said: "Enough boy. That's enough." Nostrum swallowed deeply, forcing back everything he had just remembered. "Ain't no way in hell Ima let anything happen to you. I swear to Notch I won't." Nostrum picked up the boy and stood up himself. "I swear to you, as long as you're holding my hand, I will not let anything get you. I won't let anyone, or anything harm you. I swear to Notch." The boy said nothing and continued to cry. "You listening to me boy? HEY!" Nostrum screamed violently, enough so to make the boy stop crying immediately and to make Keith jump and turn back around! "Do you believe me boy?" The child stared into Nostrum's eyes, too terrified and sad to know what to say. "You have to know that you can believe me. I do not break my promises. I Will not let anything bad happen to you. Do you believe me?" After a moment the boy, his eyes wide and his face dirty nodded slowly. "Good," Nostrum said with a smile, "So here's the deal, you're kind of heavy and carrying you and this hammer here at the same time will be a little difficult for me, especially if I am going to protect you. You think you can walk, I know its hard and you're tired, but yer gonna have to suck it up, at least for a bit, alright?" "I can walk." The boy said quietly, letting go of Nostrum and slipping back to the ground. "Great!" Nostrum said, clapping his hands together dust flying from them, "That's a start!" Nostrum knelt back down and faced the little boy. "Now, remember I will ask you to do some things you may not like, like to hide, or stay in one place, but that is part of the deal. You said you believed and you trusted me, this is how you prove it. One more time, and after this is over you will never have to worry about something like that again for the rest of your life." "Promise?" The little boy said, his voice a little stronger. Nostrum grabbed his inner cheek with his teeth. "I promise." Nostrum stood back up and grabbed Cog-head. "What's yer name young 'un?" Nostrum asked the boy. "Carrington." He said after a moment. "Carrington Ross." "Carrington huh?" Nostrum said with a smile, "That's an absolutely brilliant name." Carrington forced a smile before finding his place right by Nostrum's side. Nostrum looked back up to find Keith, looking at him as if he could run right through him! "I've made up my mind boy, don't even say a word." Keith shook his head, before beggining to walk away. "Let's go." He said without much emotion, walking towards the gate. "Nostrum, Keith, wait!" Allessia screamed catching the trio before they could reach the stockade, "There is something I want to give you two, follow me please. Nostrum shrugged, following the woman as Carrington followed along closely behind Nostrum, never missing a step. Keith shook his head, a look of disgust creeping across his face as he whispered "We're wasting time..." quietly to himself. "You ain't gotta give us anything," Nostrum said quietly his feet throwing up tufts of dust as he walked, "You need everything you can get for this town." "Yeah, well, I aim to keep the heroes of Evermore safe."The woman said as she neared a workshop like building. "Captain St. Joan Allessia the Third." She said, never turning to face Nostrum. "I don't think I ever told you my name. My men simply call me Allessia, and I expect you to do the same." "Okay." Nostrum said simply, shrugging his shoulders as he followed Allessia into the torch lit warehouse. Nostrum looked at the torched on the wood panel wall. Whoever figured out how to make torched that didn't catch fire to wood, was a genius. "Open that chest there Nostrum, that one is for you. Keith, The one on the left is for you." Two chest sat on a table, they looked as if they had been freshly made, hastily put together for the "Surprise." "Christmas came early boy!" Nostrum chuckled as Keith said nothing, refusing to even look at Nostrum as he walked to his chest. Nostrum didn't show it, but that hurt Nostrum to an incredible extent. That was his best friend, and he wouldn't even talk to him...it was his only friend. "Go on," Allessia said, throwing her hands forward, "Open them." Nostrum nodded and opened his chest and was absolutely astonished by what he had seen. As he reached inside he placed his hands around the shining smooth surface the bright blue and silver was cold to the touch as he lifted it out of the chest. "A diamond chestplate?" Nostrum said, astonished by the sheer quality of the piece. It was in his size too! Each plate was polished and moved on its own, giving him full functionality. neck guards had been crafted on the sides, and though there were no shoulder guards, the edges had all been smooth and lined with pure silver. Underneath each plate there were rubies which re-enforced it further! Even more amazing a gear had been welded to the center of the chest plate, silver with an emerald embedded in the center of the silver gear. "How could you-" "We had supplies when we moved out, there are still plenty remaining, rest assured. There's more." Allessia said quietly, pointing to the chest. Nostrum looked to find another object covered in cloth and pulled it out. As the pure blue Hammer unveiled itself, Nostrum nearly lost it, then and there. The head was a massive chunk of sapphire molded and filed down smooth, with a claw sharpened out on the other end. The shaft was crafted from obsidian, and like his very own hammer a gear had been melded with the sapphire, just below the head of the hammer. The obsidian shaft was wrapped in a black leather, perfectly matching Nostrum's grip! at the end of the hammer was an obsidian blade, carved into the shaft as well. "I don't..." Nostrum began to say. "Don't." Allessia stopped him. The back of your chest piece is magnetized, should make it much easier to sheath and unsheathe your weapon. Don't worry it will hold. I am terribly sorry fro what I did last night, and there is no way to make that right. But I can see to it that your at least prepared if your going to the inner city." Nostrum looked at Keith who had a very similar chest plate, his two embedded with a silver gear. His weapon though was a bit different. The blade was a piercing red, made from rubies. The blade itself was curved, with a narrow blade with the edge only on one side. "What kind of-" Nostrum tried to speak again. "That is a katana, a special blade, something that actually took longer than your hammer and breastplate combined. He should find a great use from that." Keith said nothing but nodded his head in acknowledgement as he grabbed the two items and walked out of the workshop. "Thank you." Nostrum said, unsure of anything else really to say. "Good luck in whatever you are trying to achieve." Allessia said, grabbing his shoulder. "Good luck, and be safe. Notch watch over you." Allessia turned away as Nostrum finally left, catching up to Keith as he walked past the settlement's stockade, walking towards the inner city...
  10. Reasons, mostly.with a full studio keyboard, at least I have that aid.
  11. yeah, but I'm no expert by any means. If you like I can send you a link of a new song, that is if you like. linky link:
  12. HEY! Butt hank plays a very important part in today's society, you should be ashamed to think of the term like that. >.> <.< (I love my spelling errors from time to time, I didn't even notice that, but there is no way in hell I'm going to correct it now, XD)
  13. I just....JAYSUS. I'm jealous now, I quit Technic no way in hell I could make something that epic, and I thought my feeble transport system was something to behold. You sir, have crushed my dreams. I hope you're happy. I really do. ...........
  14. Valkon, this is amazing, I can't believe the effort that was put into the works. I can't say thank you in too many different ways without it becoming repetitive, but its true. I'm just lacking a thesaurus right now is all. This is very well done and the fact people are actually stepping up to help me out here, its simply amazing. Valcon, Cheap, and any others that help, thank you so much. I really wish I was more articulate with words.
  15. Thank you so much! I don't care what some may think, the design of this is brilliant and it will be added as well as full credit for everything. I appreciate this cheap, I really do. I know your busy and the fact you took time out to make this, thank you. It means a lot!
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