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  1. Because you don't use the latest version, in your modpack you use 5.0.39, which also works for me. Could you do me a favor and also test with 5.1.51 EnderIO? (together with EnderCore 0.5.69)
  2. I just tested it - works fine. maybe because you also just have updated it i've one question: how did you solve? i've maybe a similar issue with my modpack. Do you use EnderIO? because the latest one won't work with technic launcher.
  3. please see this thread: try out the suggested solutions.
  4. there should be also a crash report with a decently smaller filesize. Try to open the launcher, go to the modpack that crashes and click to the small gear "Modpack Options", then a new window shows up where in the first line there should be an "OPEN" button. click on it. Then a new window will appear with the files of your modpack. Look for the folder called "crash -eports", double click, and search for the latest one. upload it to us so we can further help.
  5. it seems that the file you download is actually not only an installer, but also the runtime itself. you could create a new folder in C:/Program Files/anyname and put the launcher in it, then right click and "Send to Desktop", or put the Launcher directly on the desktop.
  6. [B#472] java.lang.IllegalStateException: GLFW error 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL The crash report gives an hint: maybe during the update from 8 to 10, the graphics driver went gone. Try to download the latest one and install, then restart and try again!
  7. Hello! I've recognized a strange behaviour of the technic launcher when I tried to update my other modpack with the latest EnderIO & Endercore. It seems that something in the mod has changed, so the technic launcher has it's problem with it. to prevent strange inter-mod behaviour, i created a modpack with only forge ( ) and the 2 mods: EnderIO (5.1.51) & EnderCore ( 1.12.2-0.5.69 ). Before anyone declares this as an modpack issue: it isn't. it is working fine on other launchers: Technic Launcher: crash (java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: ELYTRA) Orig
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