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  1. It launches fine, normal Minecraft 1.6.4
  2. Whenever i try to launch this error message appears...
  3. Are we talking Technic Launcher or Minecraft Launcher ? If Technic how do i download just the vanilla 1.7.10 (The modpack was OG for 1.6.4 so for 1.6.4) ? If Minecrfta Launcher should i just create a modpack folder ? Thanks for the reply ! EDIT: Sorry am stupid, installed the vanilla in Technic Launcher and moved the files from the OG to the new install but not sure if i should overwrite files or not ? When i overwrite i get error when i press "play" when i dont overwrite mods dont load..
  4. So i dusted off my old hard drive and foud an old technic modpack with my world etc. Its called ArchCraft and sadly its original cersion is non downloadable on technic and the only downloadable ArchCraft upload (https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/archcraft-pirata.1323561) is not working and crashes on load. Does anyone have any idea where to get ArchCraft or how do i run it ? I want to explore my old worlds with this modpack. Please somebody help me Thanks for any replies
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