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  1. Hello. So, I encountered problem in my custom modpack with compatibility between DragonAPI and The Betweenlands, and found out that most probable fix is adding JVM argument ("-DragonAPI_disable_ASM_THIRDPERSONDISTANCEDISPATCH") to launcher options, which I did, with no effect. I've found some claims in the Web that TL intentionally ignores JVM arguments - is it true? And, if yes, is there any other way that I could run JVM argument without changing launcher?
  2. Something was wrong with splash.properties, as even after I got rid of CustomMainMenu config, problem remained, but as soon as I replaced that file with generic forge splash.properties from my friends pack, it got fixed somehow and now it's working fine. Also, bypassed problem with OptiFine by installin D3 version instead of E7, and so far everything is fine. Now all that's left are those JAS configs. Thanks a lot for help with Forge!
  3. And as for JAS (sorry for doubleposting, somehow didn't see that part), yes, I have checked here and looked into those examples, but I still cannot work out whats happening there. What I miss is proper explaination what should be modified and where for specific result. JAS wiki seems to be very helpful with details about possibilites it gives, but assumes in same time that syntax and catalogs structure is understandable, and it's exacly that understanding what I lack. For example, while I think I start getting how to create custom mobs group, I still don't get how to cobble it together, and ex
  4. Oh, I forgot about that Optifine, sorry about that. It was also something I wanted to ask about, since I have no idea what may cause conflict (save of the Betweenlands and Tinker's, but even very first version of the Betweenlands has compability option for OptiFine in config, and friend have pack up and running with Tinkers and Optifine), but wanted to get pack up and running first So changing Forge to lastest 1.7.10 release fixed problem with detection? Will check, that would be very nice indeed, and will help me a lot with checking potential missing depedencies too. May take a longer
  5. Hello, I am not entirelly sure, if it's right place to ask, but since it's closest to Support/Help section and people post help requests here... Anyway, I am making private modpack for myself and few friends, but I've run into two distinct problems so far. First and bigger issue - Forge somewhat isn't loading, despite I've done everything correctly, or at least I think so. I got lastest recommended Universal jar for 1.7.10 from Forge website, renamed it to "modpack" (without touching extension, so have "modpack.jar", just as it should be) and put it into /bin folder, and my .zi
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