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  1. Hello. So, I encountered problem in my custom modpack with compatibility between DragonAPI and The Betweenlands, and found out that most probable fix is adding JVM argument ("-DragonAPI_disable_ASM_THIRDPERSONDISTANCEDISPATCH") to launcher options, which I did, with no effect. I've found some claims in the Web that TL intentionally ignores JVM arguments - is it true? And, if yes, is there any other way that I could run JVM argument without changing launcher?
  2. Something was wrong with splash.properties, as even after I got rid of CustomMainMenu config, problem remained, but as soon as I replaced that file with generic forge splash.properties from my friends pack, it got fixed somehow and now it's working fine. Also, bypassed problem with OptiFine by installin D3 version instead of E7, and so far everything is fine. Now all that's left are those JAS configs. Thanks a lot for help with Forge!
  3. And as for JAS (sorry for doubleposting, somehow didn't see that part), yes, I have checked here and looked into those examples, but I still cannot work out whats happening there. What I miss is proper explaination what should be modified and where for specific result. JAS wiki seems to be very helpful with details about possibilites it gives, but assumes in same time that syntax and catalogs structure is understandable, and it's exacly that understanding what I lack. For example, while I think I start getting how to create custom mobs group, I still don't get how to cobble it together, and exacly why; for example, I don't get how to use Biome Groups or Creature Groups for spawn handling while they seems to be called one by one for each group and each biome anyway in SpawnListEntries of proper mods, with parametrs that differ from those declared in both CreatureType.cfg and indivdual configs of EntityHandlers, and can't even find out where declared Biome Groups should be used and how... As for pack, it seems like updating Forge indeed solved problem, and I got to main menu with just 3 crashes to resolve (splash, redundancy caused by Binnie's patcher, BoP potions ID out of array index) after I get rid of Logistic Pipes, altough Forge loading screen is somehow missing. Yay! Now only to upload this stuff again on Dropbox and check if it's actually working without manual meddling...
  4. Oh, I forgot about that Optifine, sorry about that. It was also something I wanted to ask about, since I have no idea what may cause conflict (save of the Betweenlands and Tinker's, but even very first version of the Betweenlands has compability option for OptiFine in config, and friend have pack up and running with Tinkers and Optifine), but wanted to get pack up and running first 😐 So changing Forge to lastest 1.7.10 release fixed problem with detection? Will check, that would be very nice indeed, and will help me a lot with checking potential missing depedencies too. May take a longer while for it to get uploaded thought.
  5. Hello, I am not entirelly sure, if it's right place to ask, but since it's closest to Support/Help section and people post help requests here... Anyway, I am making private modpack for myself and few friends, but I've run into two distinct problems so far. First and bigger issue - Forge somewhat isn't loading, despite I've done everything correctly, or at least I think so. I got lastest recommended Universal jar for 1.7.10 from Forge website, renamed it to "modpack" (without touching extension, so have "modpack.jar", just as it should be) and put it into /bin folder, and my .zip contains only /bin, /config and /mods folders, all of them in main directory of .zip, without any addional folders about it. I checked it three times and everything seems fine to me, but after uploading and installing pack, I get "mods missing: Forge" upon trying to play game. Modpack link is https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/paczka-taka-tasmanska.1560079, and direct download from Dropbox is https://www.dropbox.com/s/l6dewylcoa5x7zl/TasmanskyCraft.zip?dl=0. I am not posting logs due to fact they contain no error nor crash report, and everything seems just perfectly fine there (I have compared every line from fml-client-lastest.log that contains "modpack.jar" reference with similar lines in said log of another, working Technic Pack, and they are virtually same). As for crash log - there isn't any, due to fact Minecraft isn't crashing at all and thus log didn't get generated. There may be some redundant config files left, as I was basing at first on FTB Infinity Evolved pack and used it's client to generate addional configs and test few things in motion before I started to create pack from scratch. But despite of configs, all mod files are of my choice and are fresh, direct downloads from CurseForge (with exception of Jammy's Furniture). As for other issue, I look for some help with explaining me basics of how to configure Just Another Spawner, as I am running few biomes and animals mods in pack (of most important - Biomes O' Plenty, Mo' Creatures, Exotic Birds, Blood Magic, Aether II, The Betweenlands and Twilight Forest) and I have a lot of troubles managing spawning rules (and don't want to rely on vanilla spawning due to abudance of Exotic Birds birds everywhere without much sense behind their spawn location and very low spawn rates of Mo' Creatures animals). I have read documentation on JAS wiki and checked few example config files on my own, but still have no idea, how this is supposed to work (and Google throws at me my own reddit post on /r/feedthebeast at very first page when I am searching for JAS tutorials...), so I'd be very glad and grateful if someone could help me and explain what and where to modify to achive effects I want, preferably with examples (just few lines, so I can get what exacly to do and where). What I want to get is: Mo' Creatures mobs spawning only in Overworld (and few selected, like Scorpions, in the Nether) Exotic Bird creatures spawning in Overworld and Twilight Forest (some of them at least) Biomes O' Plenty creatures spawn in their own base habitats only Aether II, Betweenlands and Twilight Forest creatures limited to their own appropriate dimensions and using their build-in spawn system Mo' Creatures and Exotic Birds creatures divided into groups basing on their desired habitats and limited to spawn in them (so I won't get elephants in regular plains or forests, and peafowls on mountaintops) All passive animals spawning only on chunk generation and no despawning (just like regular vanilla animals), while aggresive spawning only in right conditions (night etc.) and neutral utilising both spawn methods Also, have a sidequestion regarding this one - is it possible to distinct between mob variants of Mo' Creatures on spawn managing level, so I'd get, lets say, lion variant of BigCat mob on savannas only and snow leopard variant in snow biomes only, instead of total randomness? According to MoCs wiki, they should behave like that on deafult in vanilla biomes, but as far as I have seen in my reference client, it isn't working in Biomes O' Plenty enviroment with deafult configs. Thanks in advance for any help!
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