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  1. thats just the problem. With no background apps or anything using more than a total 15% of my RAM, im still getting this error. Cant seem to figure out what the issue is. I've attempting creating a .bat file to run alongside technic to increase the heap size for my Compressed Oops process, but I cant even tell if my file is running or not. The file is written correctly, as ive had it verified and checked. All in all i dont think my pc likes technic very much.
  2. Sorry about that, ill post it here. https://gist.github.com/Lazerhack/b6912934b4a92ae89ccab3ddffc834da
  3. When trying to play any modpack on the technic launcher, i have the options to choose anywhere from 1gb ram to 15gb ram, being that i have 16gb ram installed on my pc. The problem i run into is that if i choose any more than 6gb allocated, the modpacks wont load at all. the technic launcher will close as if it is starting the modpack then will immediately open back up without attempting to load the modpack, giving the error "Not enough memory installed to support this modpack" in the console. When i open my system properties it shows that i do indeed have 16gb ram installed. I've already tried
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