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  1. Hello peeps! At the moment we are currently at Alpha, where our modpack has but a humble survival server. However, I am striving for something different for Beta. For those of you wondering, "Beta? What do you mean by that?" Basically, this modpack's server in Beta will heavily focus on different Kingdoms battling it out against each other, with a freedom that is hardly found (outside of Anarchy servers), having the ability to customize your kingdom and government as you desire. There will be other things besides kingdoms, such as systems of Diplomacy, Guilds, Recognized Houses of
  2. Oh my gosh, I feel so dumb now. Thank you very much! Feel free to check out my modpack, "Eavan's Medieval Modpack" (I has discord)
  3. Hiya hiya! So I believe Dropbox has made it so only those with Dropbox Pro+ can edit their download links (from the 0 to 1). I'm currently looking for alternatives, but haven't gotten any that I've tested to work for me. So far I've tried Mediafire, Google Drive, and OneDrive. If any of these worked for you, please help me out by telling me as to how you managed to do so! If none of these worked for you and something else other then the listed did (that is free), please inform me. Thank you! ~LIttleEavan Naturally this should be compatible with Technic, I'm not looking for a m
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