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  1. it worked!! Thank you so much for the help and quick response time!
  2. How can I do this? I tried deleting my current version of java and download the jre 8u51 but it downloaded as a .tar folder file instead of a installable java file.
  3. I have been trying to play mod packs through the Technic launcher, but whenever I download and play a pack, it opens up Minecraft in the very bottom right of my screen. When the game loads into the title screen, when I fullscreen there is no buttons or words. Also, whenever I enter a world and I try to put it into fullscreen, the screen bugs out and starts going crazy. (almost like if the camera starts spinning in a circle). I have tried looking for fixes but it seems as no one else has this problem. I am in desperate need for help, as I get little to no FPS when not in fullscreen. (Yes, this
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