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  1. Here is the log on server launch. Only thing I notice is a warning and the redpower message I posted orignally. https://pastebin.com/r6ztmMxg
  2. I tried doing that and it didn't seem to work. Also had a the other people on my server log out and back into their tekkit launcher but that didn't work for them either. It just seemed odd that it happened right after I placed the redpower item that would require the fake player to be added to the server.
  3. Hello, Just made a lava transported from the nether to the overworld using the redpower deployers and my server crashed. Whenever I try to start the server it outputs: 16:32:19 [INFO] [RedPower] FakePlayer created. 16:32:19 [INFO] [RedPower] Login is disabled. I saw something saying that I need to add the alchemic bags to the blacklist in the redpower.cfg so I did, deployer.blacklist="27562:0,27562:1,27562:2,27562:3,27562:4,27562:5,27562:6,27562:7,27562:8,27562:9,27562:10,27562:11,27562:12,27562:13,27562:14,27562:15" I also can get into the world and remove the deplo
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