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  1. Well thats what I tried, I tried adding dye to a bag and nothing happened, I searched it and only the plain one came up, I tried dying the canvas (desperate) and nothing happened
  2. Who gave this jerk-hole power? IM FOLLOWING!

  3. Feed the beast was originally a Complete the Monument sky survival map consisting of the compilation of mods which is now the Feed the Beast pack. It was called Feed the Beast because you would feed your items into a large complex machine to eventually after completing many challenges win. It was very innovative and creative
  4. I Im laughing right now because feed-the-beast still has a long way till it can seriously compete with Technic, many bugs need to be fixed and they have now reliable servers, they are rushing themselves to put out new mod packs, they run very slowly. As of now, feed-the-beast is a compilation of mods thrown together, still pretty much a work in progress
  5. I like how what was once a discussion on the differences between tekkit lite and technic, has become a huge rant about modding in general, it just shows what kind of an amazing community tekkit has created. I love it, no joke.
  6. Yeah, I dont understand why people will make mods, but have to make it impossible to use them with other mods, dont get me wrong I love tekkit, i just strongly hate that other mods wont just cooperate with them and be in it. You shouldnt have to ask to make their mods easily accesible, I had never heard of Forestry before tekkit.
  7. well, i dont think i will ever have the want or need to mod, i dont know how and i dont plan to learn. I love minecraft, but i cant mod. I love mods, but i cant do it myself which is something many people have in common, which is why the technic launcher was so amazing, it made it easy to put together cool new mods.
  8. really? i found it really interesting and easy, the multiplayer download is extremely quick and doesnt require any sort of file editing like i had to do with tekkit server, the problem is it runs a lot slower, even when im running it with max RAM
  9. someones on the server telling everyone u have to login with some pluggin on the server, true or false
  10. I tried to color code my canvas bags, i know it should work it just didnt for me. I may have done something wrong, but its a shapeless crafting recipee right? also it doesnt show up in NEI
  11. Also FTB has an advantage in that its creator, Slowpoke, is friends with many forge mod authors, you would know this if you have seen any of direwolfs series play. So he is trusted by them more than some random stranger
  12. Well, i for one definitly like FTB and i dont care about the whole credibility either side. I dont understand how them using the mods without permission could be bad, just making it easier for people who dont know squat about modding(like me)to use some really good mods together in a fun and safe environment. I would be honored to know my mod was in such a revolutionizing mod pack.
  13. yeah, i looked on the EE3 thread and it didnt mention them, thanks just confirming