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  1. I have all the required folders made bin config mods , I have modpack.jar in bin (It's not modpack.jar.jar) It's the correct zip file I looked through and it downloads everything correctly but the mods don't seem to load but they are there here is the link to the modpack https://www.dropbox.com/s/qjrrtkmxo8fti8x/sebultimatemods.zip?dl=0 and here is mopdpack link https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sebs-ultimate-modpack.1725111 NVM I FIXED IT I CHANGED THE modpack.jar universal to modpack.jar installer (forge
  2. thank you I finally got it to work I realized that you can't just change the attributes you have to archive it again as a .zip
  3. it was a .rar and I changed it to .zip and I still get the same error
  4. Just wanted to know how I could fix it I checked the link and it was fine, plz respond because I don't know what the issue is it just says that It's invalid
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