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  1. In SMP there is a visual bug with machines, they will often face the wrong way. For power storage devices and transformers they are still facing the right way so don't worry.
  2. Zblurgh, are you sure your using the right version for the server. Make sure you are using 3.0.3 for the server you are connecting to. You may have downloaded the latest dev build.
  3. Ruin the game because you can duplicate saws? Makes perfect sense.
  4. Press the arrow in the recipe menu, the MFSU cart shows up on the first page for some reason.
  5. On Tekkit multiplayer anything past the first page is deleted when it is closed.
  6. The electrical engine is apart of forestry and forestry was removed due to some... technical difficulties.
  7. Heyo, depending on the schedule for this LPs(I live in Australia) I may or may not be able to be a co-op guy but I'll take a shot anyway. 1. Just turned 15 2. First language. 3. As I said I live in Australia, but I don't have any set things to follow other then school. 4. I have a decent mic. 5. Yep I know them enough. 6. Yes. 7. Teamspeak is fine. 8. My skype is: KillSpammer-Tom
  8. There is also this thing:,12143.msg81277/boardseen.html#new
  9. IGN: KillSpammer Reason for wanting to become a member: Well, I need a 3.0.3 tekkit server and this small one is as good as any. Why should we accept you: I consider myself a decent guy and I hope I can add something to the community by becoming a member.
  10. Well you can connect fine on the web based version of Minecraft, but meh... EDIT: According to Twitter logins are backup but very slow.