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  1. Well tbh today i saw the server online. So i joined and it lagged really badly and basically just crashed itself. So i think the server will be back soon!
  2. I dont know how to take it off D:!

    1. Munaus


      you can click the "Comment" button on the right side if you want to reply to my post directly. As for Helen Keller, it is a mark posters get when they break the forums rules. I see you have been here since 2012, so you probably got the Helen Keller when the forum software switched. PM a moderator or Technic staff, they might remove the HK.
  3. Yea i dont know.....

  4. How is it possible that you are Helen Kellered? You have made 2 posts, none of them broke the rules, from what I can tell...

  5. Yes, that is what it is. But i do not think thats what is causing the server to crash or not turn on. It might be, but then again it shouldnt. Cause ive been in an illegal position before,, and it didnt interfear with the server or anything. Just me.
  6. Any good voltz servers out there? Because the only good one is Astronaut Creeper's :D If it turns back on :3

  7. Origamiccc no ones in an illigal position, the server has just been offline for awhile now. And it says "Cant reach server" for me... So yea nothing to worry about! Im sure astro will fix it soon.
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