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  1. Not exactly a bug but I couldn't find a better forum for it. Currently the login window for Technic Launcher has no window title. This makes it incompatible with password managers auto-fill function. I use KeePass, which checks the title of the active window in order to know which password to autofill, I'm sure others function similarly. Can we please have a title added the Technic Launch Login window?
  2. lolwut? First of all, that post is 3 months old. Second of all, your logic is horribly flawed. The help is already out there, so why go ask people to make new help personally? If he tries it using information he found online and can't get it, I'd be happy to help. But I won't help somebody who doesn't put in effort to help themselves.
  3. Buy the server with the L5320s, you can easily buy a pair of L5420s later for dirt cheap, and you'll appreciate the extra RAM. Set up ESXi, don't just run directly on the hardware, there's no way one linux install needs 24GB of RAM. Believe it or not, the biggest source of lag with that setup will be hard drive throughput. ESXi makes it easy to track this, and I frequently see spikes in hard drive queue time, which means lag for minecraft. Having 24GB of RAM you can easily use ramdisk for minecraft. This server... Is it a supermicro by chance? I own the exact same one. You can fit a 2nd dr
  4. I got it fixed. I redid my directory structure to be less confusing.
  5. That's the hash of an empty string, and it's the same MD5 I am getting.
  6. That is how I have it, but it is not calculating the correct MD5. I also can't figure out where modpacks go.
  7. Can anyone help with this? Where is the slug for the mod and modpack supposed to be, relative to the repo location? (/mods/ in my case)
  8. Now I'm having issues with the incorrect link and hash. My mods directory is in /TechnicSolder/public/mods/, and I can get to it from the web. When I had my solder.php set up with that URL, it added an extra /mods/ in the links, so it was /mods/mods, and it was just giving me the MD5 hash for a blank string. Now I changed it so that the extra /mods/ doesn't show up, but I'm still just getting the same hash for a blank string, even though copying and pasting the link takes me to the file.
  9. I could not use my other host, however I was able to get a koding.com account and set it up there. I was able to get it working by symlinking public and then setting up .htaccess with this little gem from the laravel forums: http://paste.laravel.com/6GM. So I put TechnicSolder in my /Users folder and then symlink public to user/Sites/user.koding.com/website (This is the public root)/repo. I haven't yet decided what to do about the mod repository, I think that I will set up on my other host. My only problem is that the Solder admin panel sends the "Dashboard" link to the root domain (user.kodin
  10. Can I put the public solder directory wherever I want though, it doesn't have to be one level below the rest of the solder files like it comes by default? So for example say I FTP in to "/", and below "/html/" which is where the public directory starts. I can put the contents of the solder public folder in "/html/repo/" and bind a subdomain to that folder, right?
  11. lol why only 1.2.5? That's like... 6 months old. Why don't mod developers allow download of 1.2.5 versions?
  12. So, assuming my web server has other sites, etc. stemming off from the main pub directory, how would I go about setting solder up so the public root for solder is in a subfolder of public? Is it as simple as moving everything solder puts in public into the desired subfolder?
  13. Did this video ever get released?
  14. Why would he be, and why bother posting if that's all you're going to post? Obviously you assumed he IS, since you didn't dignify him with an actual response.
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