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  1. Was fine at the morning(12 hours ago) No idea what is wrong now with the server...
  2. The server is closing up. You are all welcome to come to Tekkit(Not tekkit clasic) And start playing there! Have fun!
  3. Peter If you keep spamming we will have to involve the forum admins. You are a nuisance to everyone around here so PLEASE stop.
  4. With you attitude better not. Also the server got updated as Claw and JD said! *Highfive*
  5. gone from where?! I logged once yesterday i think and then thats it.
  6. Everything looks nice atm, i would like to see more people on the server
  7. Well...some griefing happened at the end of the day, which is now player got banned, his name is XxSRMCxX or something like that...
  8. if it is overfreezing put a fan on hot mode or something, or brake some fans so it keeps about 30-70 C degrees(mine is running between 20-60 degrees because of my awesome case^^, epic airflow is epic) anyways, how a pc keeps overfreezing?
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