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  1. IGN:THEJEWGOD Age:18 Country:USA Tekkit Experience:Great with IC2 and some other straightforward mods and am starting to play around with Red Power which is quickly becoming my favorite mod. Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: My last server while a fantastic server was hosted in Sweden and had lag problems when the population went over 20 as result the lag makes it practically unplayable for most US users. I just want to play without lag.
  2. Username: THEJEWGOD Age: 18 Why Tekkitopia? I like to play on a friendly server and also the fact that its a mature server means that unlike others there wont be any dramatic issues. I also have a lot of experience of tekkit/voltz and this server looks good from my perspective so far. Good Work! Your secret code: 9THE
  3. Cant figure out what is wrong with zip mine craft bugs out every time i connect or do something different.
  4. IGN: THEJEWGOD Age: 18 Time playing tekkit lite: still getting used to steve's carts and factorization, but everything else is straightforward and not too difficult Ban Hammer: Once, because an Admin was abusing his power and he banned everyone Why do I want to join: Greylist for one because many tekkit lite servers are bound to be hit by waves of griefers by now and I want a server that is well rounded in every aspect such as a friendly community, no lag etc... it appears you've got these all down :D
  5. Minecraft Username: THEJEWGOD Have you ever been banned, if so, why?:Nope What do you plan to do on the server:Just build a cool house and be involved in a friendly community of people Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?:Yes I played a while back making solar factories with a few friends of mine before the server died and EE farms, IC2 Factories, Im still kinda a noob to RP2
  6. Minecraft Name: THEJEWGOD Do you have any bans on record? No If so, Why? N/A Looking for a server that has a helpful community and I can play 3-4 hours a day depending on work or school. I have about 1 year of playing on technic.
  7. Ingame Name: THEJEWGOD Reason of joining: Looking for a server that I wont get items stolen and a server that is dedicated with a community that isn't too big or too small as well as people that can assist me inn building complex projects. Experience: 19 months Age: 17 Favorite mod: IC2 late game and EE to start
  8. IGN: THEJEWGOD Age: 17 Timezone: Pacific USA Howlong have you been playing tekkit: about 6-8 months How often will you be on the server: between 3-5 hours a day Would you like to join the teamspeak: Yes