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  1. Well gravel can be repeatedly broken using deployers to place gravel over a torch. The gravel then falls at least one block to break into either gravel or flint entities. This can then be picked up by a transposer. Gravel can also be macerated into flint, but this requires EU whereas the other method doesn't. You didn't really provide enough info to figure out more than this, but i hope I've given you a good lead.

  2. No. Logistics pipes and such are SSP only.

    Ah, I didn't realize that. I've seen some vids on them and they looked pretty well coded. However, like I said RP2, is the way to go right now. That may change in the future if Logistic pipes and pipe logic gates (the name of the ad-on escapes me) get updated to SMP, but we'll have to wait and see.

  3. Make a project for yourself in your nether base. Think of things that don't rely on being in the over world and do them in the nether. Make a mob trap; get that gold from the Pigmen. Kill some Ghasts. Process all you ores there. Build an epic Hell Fortress even. The one precaution you must take is other members on your server using your portal to find your base. Remember, 10 blocks in the over-world is 1 in the nether. If your server has a map limit, think carefully about where you want to build your nether base, as the world can be quite small.

  4. You could play with distribution pipes (not sure if they're still in), or consider installing the logistic pipes ad-on for Build craft. As of the current versions of BC and RP, though, RedPower wins on the pipe routing front. Items will wait for a valid inventory to open up before trying to traverse red power tubes. Build craft pipes will pull from an inventory as long as they are powered by an engine. There are uses for both of them, but, at least for right now, I'd recommend using RedPower for most of your item shuffling needs.

    P.S. If you're interested, look into the many ad-ons for buildcraft pipes. Many of them are quite well implemented.

  5. After viewing the trailers released during E3, I'd have to say I'm extremely pumped for this game. What personally caught my eye was the ability to seamlessly flow through the crowd while remaining unseen instead of jerking from blend group to blend group like in past games. My question to you all, is what exactly are you most looking forward to when AC3 gets released?

  6. Sounds fun. XD

    I'm 19

    I speak English well

    My IGN is Warpspeed10, and I of course have a legit copy of Minecraft

    I usually use vent or mumble, but I'll download Teamspeak right after I post this.

    I enjoy creating some of the more technical builds, particularly using RP and BC to automate a lot of the other mods. I've just started experimenting with writing Lua for Computer Craft, and plan to become proficient in FORTH once the red power computers get added. While I know how to build EE collector flowers, I find that part of Tekkit a bit boring. I'd much rather be building automated scrap machines for the Mass Fab, or Hydro-Electric plants for underground bases.

    If you're looking for a master of IC, or want some of the more complicated projects, I'm your man.

    Edit: I'm able to start recording as soon as we get enough people interested.

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