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  1. ill send you a hot dog hux but you gotta pay the illegal bit your self thanks to the tech team for this launcher its even child friendly to use i love that as it makes my life easier no fiddling with jar and the addition of new mod packs lately is awesome love it
  2. Re: Tekkit for 1.2.4? it will be ready when it is ready please read the rules im not one to talk but they are specific about no eta questions we all fail but for your own sake edit this post or get it deleted
  3. Do we have litter-boxes ready ? i think he was probated before i joined the forums but had a read are you sure it wasn't a troll cat ? maybe make him a scratching post to so he dosent ruin our furniture
  4. "still waiting" oh wait what's the age requirement for being a whiny kid ?
  5. Re: [Let's Play] Technically Awesome. By Dom! used to watch you on the yogbox lp you did i found it funny how you chat to your self i might look at your tech series too just been busy with learning things my self also following direwolf and nearby on the feed the beast map as it is a very funny competition they have going i can give you honest opinions but i want to be sure you don't misunderstand my comments as i am a bit hyper and sometimes type before i think if you see a comment from tazjatoz on youtube that's me i don't have any videos my self as im sure id be very bad at it have been pondering on trying thou as i feel i wouldn't be doing as bad as some i have seen well that said well done domleawsome ;p
  6. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.0 and down] i usually shout out my window im pretty sure they can hear me from all the way over here in denmark but then again they never reply i like the pack its nice to have textures that blend like this does its bit hard on my comp thou due to the resolution and me being lazy but that's just me im looking in to azanors thaumcraft textures on his vids i wish i was able to make a just as pretty texture for everything
  7. wanna borrow mine its like swizz cheese ............. tell my other half something and 10 seconds later i have to ask what i told him and ofc he never listens so he cant tell me i think i can actually read this language they use
  8. sigh im having one of those days where my fingers act before my head i will there for apologise in this post if i do something silly or stupid i am atm a bit hyper and have problems focusing my thoughts just thought i would share that's probably a bad idea too sigh go on have a laugh at me i think i need to have a time out this is probably a good description of me recently
  9. i agree with synthetica it is hard to get got to love spell and grammar plugins for firefox honestly report tread move on no need to sling mud at every hapless fool who tries to get help before reading sticky and searching for them selves we all fail once in a while @op please go read sticky and give your self 5 min to edit your post before pressing the post button good luck
  10. pretty sure that already exists on the yogiverse skin list
  11. somehow i wish i had a dick to tell you to suck but ill let you kiss my ass instead and isn't the mod pack he refers to called amco ? just wow internet seems flooded with dick heads who think they can hide behind a screen name ........... aww simpleguy you had a streak maybe your dino is filled with all the food it got ;D
  12. Been so used to it i really don't care any more but then again most Scandinavians are blond or red haired i see the fact i am a girl ended with a shitty comment higer up this tread oh well im a jittery blond squirrel ;D on topic its nice to see that there is a warn system added to the forums so it isn't just ban ban all over had a brief warn my self and i find it a good eye opener id suggest anyone that get it think about what they did and learn it only makes one a better person
  13. Done a bit of that in school when i was young im a bit rusty now but i had a fairly al-right drawing skill back then wish i could afford a good quality art tablet i simply cant draw with my mouse but i can make funny backgrounds with gimp and brush add-ons but i think ill go get a box and draw it a few hundred times to improve perspective ;D
  14. i got inspired by our great artistic pool of goodies her and did a female sketch of a block lady it's no where near cheap shots art but he was the inspiration feel free to comment and criticise i can only get better ;D