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  1. Minecraft username: SilentRampage34 How you found out about this server? This post Why you want to be on this sever? Minecraft loses its charm on single player quickly and having other people around to work with and compete with is better for inspiring the silly ideas that make modded minecraft fun to me. What are you planning on doing on the server? I was challenged on a previous Tekkit server to build a castle entirely out of meat before the server disappeared. I shall fulfill that task here if possible. Your favourite minecraft mod? Thermal expansion plus Applied energistics, MFR, and Steve's Carts make me a happy person.
  2. I'd call BS on someone claiming 600+fps without minimum quality settings and resolution. Without real, standardized benchmarking settings and map conditions, I wouldn't trust that hardware performance table for squat. Java is capable of dealing with multiple cores, threads, and high-performance graphics cards, but Minecraft isn't necessarily. If it's not coded properly to take advantage of the language and hardware, then performance will suffer. It's gotten better from 1.2.5 to 1.4.6, but it's still got a ways to go. Users with super-high performance hardware shouldn't automatically expect higher fps by having a higher card than every other card, but the performance on the medium and low end machines is lacking.
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