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  1. That dropbox link you give isn't public (Error 403). Maybe copy-paste it to pastebin?
  2. Um, he stated that he was very sure he was looking in new chunks that had never been loaded or created before. My advice is to create a fresh world. Then open both the old world and the fresh world in NBTedit or NBTExplorer and compare them. Hopefully you'll be able to spot the differences, then make those changes in the old save file. The issue is that all the NBT meta-data is created at one time, which is when the world is generated. If the worldgen ore-producing procedure reads stuff out of the the NBT meta-data, then it will never create ores on a world that was originally Vanilla. I'm guessing that's what's happening.
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    All the forum sites I read agree. The login servers are down. This site is strangely wrong this time. This site knows that the logins are down
  4. That sounds like an issue with some bukkit plugin. I've never seen the issue, but I'm sure someone out there has. Which bukkit plugins are you using?
  5. I was excited about GW2, but this makes me reconsider. Nothing is worse than waiting 15 minutes for the others in your party to figure out the jumps.
  6. Even simpler than a latch is to just use a sequencer in the first place (instead of a timer). A sequencer is the same as a timer, except that you can set the time for the output to be on and the time for it to be off.
  7. Is there any way to know what size packets are being output by a reactor? I seem to remember doing an experiment a while ago, and finding that the packet sizes were much smaller than expected, thus explaining the large transmission loss I had at the time.
  8. Sorry that I'm responding so much later, but I didn't have any chance to check the forum over the weekend. I haven't ever used Towny, so it's hard for me to disprove what you have said. I have used other mods that show chunk borders, and they disagree with your description of Towny. According to minecraftwiki, " X and Z coordinates that are divisible by 16 represent the boundaries between chunks. EG: (96, -32) is a corner where four chunks meet." Your strange definition of naming blocks (ie the block centered at [1.5,-1.5] = block [1,-2]) is not what the article is using. (96.-32) is not a block, but the intersection of two planes, and meeting place for 4 chunks. From what you've said, Towny would show the intersection at (97, -31). I find this hard to believe, but I may try to find a server with towny on it, just so that I can check.
  9. Using Glass Fibre doesn't instantly prevent you from having EU loss. It just makes the EU loss that you have more manageable. The most important thing is not the cables, but how big the EU packets are. To combine many small packets into large one, just put a batbox (32 EU packets) or MFE (128 EU packets) up by the wind generators. If you don't have a batbox up by the wind farms, then all the power is being sent in 1-4 EU packets. Glass Fibre loses 1EU per packet per 40 blocks, rounding down. So, if a 2 EU packet is sent down glass fibre that is 80 blocks long, it will lose 2 EU during transmission, and come through as nothing. If it was a 1 EU packet, then even if it is just 40 blocks long, it will be lost. If it goes through a batbox first, then it will drop from 32 EU packets to 30 EU packets during transmission, which isn't too bad. If it goes through a MFE first, it will drop from 128 EU packets to 126 EU packets, which is almost negligible.
  10. Neowulf, your explanation is confusing, and probably wrong. Chunk boundaries lie directly at multiples of 16. So, the "first fully positive chunk" would have 0.5, 0.5 as the center of its SW corner block. The NE corner block would be centered at 15.5, 15.5. The chunk itself would go from (0.0,0.0) to (16.0,16.0). The "first fully negative chunk" would go from (0.0,0.0) to (-16.0,-16.0). If you are standing at (1.0, 1.0), then you are at the intersection of 4 blocks. You are 1.0 meter from the chunk boundary in the x direction, and also 1.0 meter from the chunk boundary in the z direction. But the rest of what you said is correct. All chunks are 16x16. The chunk boundary that Industrial Miner saw (17x17) sounds like it is incorrect. ----- Neowulf also mentioned the importance of finding a swamp. If you are playing on a server with EE enabled, you just need to find one rubber tree and get sticky resin from it. Then, once you build your base and transmutation table, you can make as much resin as you want, and never worry about a rubber tree farm. But, if you are playing on a server without EE, or you just choose not to use it, then swamps are suddenly very important. You'll eventually need to go on a rubber tree hunting expedition, and gather as many saplings as you can, and swamps are the primary place to find them.
  11. I think Krid hinted at the issue. Advanced machines can only take MV voltage by default, unless they support transformer upgrades (for example the rotary macerater). So, if you connect them directly to a MFSU without transformer upgrades, they should blow up, as soon as you give them input items. If they are not blowing up, then possibly explosions are disabled in the area. Does the server have any protection mods, that would stop explosions in particular areas?
  12. I just noticed that you can get all of them from the game. On the left side of the achievements menu, there's a button that says "Minecraft". Click it, and it changes to IC2. Click again and it shows RP2 achievements. Of course, you can only see the details for the ones you have completed, and the ones that you are eligible to be working on currently. I don't know if you knew this already or not. If you did, just ignore me.
  13. I have fps problems with the way that IC2 sounds are played. I just found the IC2.cfg file and changed true to false in this line: soundsEnabled=true I get 70 fps with sounds turned off, but with them on, it can go down to 0-2 fps. I fixed this problem once before by updating lwjgl, but Technic Launcher tends to obliterate what you have. I don't even know if my current version of lwjgl is the latest, but I honestly don't miss the IC2 sounds.
  14. I did a couple quick grep searches, and none of the files in the config folder contain anything about achievements. The stats and achievements for all players are kept in the stats_<player_name>_unsent.dat files in the stats folder. They are text documents, but not human-readable. There used to be a webtool that would let you mark off which achievements (base game) you would like to have completed, and it would recreate that file for you with those achievements. I think this is a good question, and deserves a quality answer, but unfortunately, I can't help more than that. I just don't know how the achievement system works. I would suppose the first question would be which mods grant achievements. IC2 is the only Tekkit mod that I know that adds achievements.
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