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  1. Yo, I'm in a creative building war - anything goes, including WorldEdit/MCE. I'm thinking I want to bust out of Minecraft and start using Blender 3D to model my things. I know there are ways to export from Minecraft to Blender, but I don't know of any up to date tools to go vice versa. Does anyone know of any?
  2. I finally got around to starting to mod. I've followed along in a few Forge tutorials but I'm impatient. I've also started really hating Eclipse, so tonight I'm going to take myself back to Netbeans. In the mean time, I think it'd really speed me along if a modder was willing to send me the source to a block that listened for a redstone signal and fired off an empty method in response. It'd be awesome if said modder was willing to work with me a bit beyond this, but I think this is enough to get me started.
  3. I have yet to play with the advanced wooden pipes. I'm still having trouble with it using filters (it appears to just devour enchanted books rather than ejecting them), so I'm going to try switching. For the mobs: You'll want a tier 5 soul shard in a soul cage. Edit: I'm running a customized modpack that is sort of Tekkit, sort of Mindcrack, but not really either one anymore. Which mod has advanced wooden pipes in it?
  4. I decided I was tired of having to re-enchant equipment after it broke - throwing out pickaxe after pickaxe after diamond pickaxe as if they were old tin cans as I looked for the perfect enchantment. So it struck me to use Minefactory Reloaded's auto enchanter to make a book enchanting factory. Finding enough mobs to make the spawner took a few days, but I made my mob farm, got my tanks set up, ran BC2 power and liquiducts out to a remote wing of my castle, and did the obvious - I got a few chests and a few filters. I stuck a filter on the chest pulling out unenchanted books, then I st
  5. Well, what I'd done for my customized modpack was take the entire mindcrack mod, bludgeon it so that it would download, update, and run through the Technic Launcher, and I had almost gotten that to work well enough that I could add everything in Tekkit Lite that wasn't currently in the Mindcrack pack. . . Then Redpower 2 messed up. What I had was vanilla Minecrack modified so that it was loading through the Technic launcher. Without RP2, my terribly evil plan was working. With it, I hit an error. So I've switched launchers for the time being and have done a slightly less convenient way of
  6. I found it and used it.Suffice it to say there have been quite a few hours spent troubleshooting since this post. I ended up giving up because the block ID issue wasn't the real issue but it was the only error message I was getting.
  7. The mod conflict wasn't obvious. I ended up removing every dependency on RP2, and adding things back. At some point I started having random errors again. I have given up on my nefarious plan to start to combine two competing modpacks using the Tekkit launcher as a private modpack.
  8. Hello, I'm working on a custom modpack based off of Tekkit Lite. I'm having crashes on startup that look like block conflicts with Redpower 2. It's completely non-sensical. When I try to remove Redpower 2 from the mods directory so I can get into the game and get a NEI printout of everything, FML gives an error: "Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation. The mods and versions listed below could not be found RedPowerLogic: any" (this changes depending on what part of redpower I delete) What do I need to do?
  9. Just as the title says. Might as well toss Optifine in there too. The entire point of Tekkit is going nuts, isn't it? I recently had to take Tekkit lite and make my own custom fork with an updated dimensional anchors mod because dimensional anchors were causing server issues. I'm realizing how brilliantly easy it is to add mods. I'm in an excessive mood lately and think it would be a great deal of fun if my players signed off one night feeling safe and secure in their fortified houses and signed on the next to find the entire world wanted to and was able to smash into their place and kill
  10. Pardon my derp. I realized earlier today I should provide a link to the modpack. It's Tekkit Lite with dimensional anchors updated due to world corruption issues with the earlier version, https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1220452/troubleshootingmodpack.zip
  11. Launcher Version: Operating System: Multiple Java Version: Multiple Antivirus Program: Multiple Description of Problem: Solution: I did something stupid and included the launcher.properties file in my modpack. Everything was behaving as it should have. Do NOT include a launcher.properties file with your modpack! Using Custom Pack 1 (blue smiling box icon) as the modpack, when I or my players set a custom zip location, the custom zip will download, extract, and things will play normally. However, after exiting the game, the next time any of us try to play, the custo
  12. Well damn. He updated again. Lucky I haven't started yet. (Scholarship is done. Time to start applying. I have another 8-10 essays to do before November 15th on top of the course of normal schoolwork which includes more essays. I am so tired. But I'm halfway through my application essay clusterf***.)
  13. Putting this on pause until after the 23rd. I'm applying for a major scholarship that is devouring huge chunks of my time, as well as attempting to get in to a number of universities on the top 10 list for computer science degrees. I thought I had until the 28th. No such luck. The good news is that I had two Java programming assignments, both were done within 90 minutes of starting. I still have whatever the heck it is I had. Hah. Bad news is we're not going to get to multi-threading because of curriculum changes, which makes me sad. :'( Any suggestions on mods updated for 1.3.2 that I
  14. You might try this, http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Programs_and_editors/Mapping#Map_Generators as a starting off point. I remember my little brother did a lot of custom map generation via level.dat modification. My memory may be mistaken as it was years ago (...Minecraft is YEARS old? How did that happen!?)
  15. Alright. The class that devoured all of my time is over. I have another 8 week class that starts up this Sunday. I'm thinking I'll get my IDE set up to do stuff tomorrow. I have it stuck in my head to do what jakj said, and make a gun. I'm thinking I'll try to get it to fire in bursts of three before moving on to screwing around with minecarts.
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