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  1. hey guys im back had some rl stuff. come build some cool stuff.
  2. good evening everyone, come join us tonight for some fun, dp at 9pm est.... b there
  3. we've reinstalled several plugins,everything is running good...
  4. We'[ve upgraded several pluguns and removed a couple, come on in guys and join us for some fun.
  5. We are pleased to announce the launch of out Tekkit (Classic) server! We are currently running Factions, Time is money, Rankbot and many more. We have build a nice community for everyone to join. Your build is always accessible 24/7. IP: Website: ownmc.enjin.com Rules: - No racist comments - No mods (x-ray) - No Griefing - Friendly Community {Be Nice } Plugins: - Factions - More coming soon! Banned Items: - Divining Rod - Philosopher's Stone - Catalytic Lens - Destruction Catalyst - Evertide Amulet - Infernal Armor - Abyss Helmet - Harvest Goddess B
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