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  1. I'm curious if the mini-map from HSM is an original creation or perhaps an earlier version of an existing mini-map. I rather quite like it and the simplicity, and was wondering if a similar one exists for regular Minecraft. Didn't really like Rei or Zan's. But, I guess, I may not have really messed around with all the features to see if I could get a rather "plain" map like HSM has. I didn't see the option(s), at any rate.
  2. I like the idea of being able to scrap/salvage items for resources you could use to build new items, or repair old ones. This would be awesome for finally being able to build dragon picks. As it is I dump most items I find in lava, and/or cram them into a chest in the dungeon and leave them. OP plays on a PVP server so I'd just recommend to him get rid of some of the extra equipment, shouldn't be too hard to keep a bunch of iron and redstone, 3 slots max, and then a spare set of gear or two shouldn't take up more than 2 tabs total. 2 additional tabs is plenty for adventuring. I have noticed there are a lot of griefers/thieves on H/M servers so burying a chest somewhere isn't a great solution. On servers with the /home command, however, you can get more creative with your storage solutions.
  3. Should we file bug reports on what's broken? It appears as though *most* of them are broken, but you seem to know that. I love the idea that we can further enchant these magical items and hope for a system overhaul with some cool additions. *fingers crossed*
  4. Brilliant! I was going to try glass to maybe prevent spawning.. but the idea of flooding the whole area, and putting up some walls or something sounds so much better. On the plus side, even if it doesn't prevent spawning/I don't have a complete wall, this should reduce the damage to the buildings by quite a bit!
  5. I'm curious if anyone knows the exact death penalty? I know the 10% durability hit for items, but what happens to your enchantment XP? You seem to drop some, but not all, unlike regular MC.
  6. I don't mind it in my base so much, just don't build in an area with roflcondas nearby... But, it seems like villages are usually located in deserts, and roflcondas always seem to be present. Anyone got any tips for protecting the buildings? The blast radius gets pretty crazy. (with level, I assume)
  7. Chance to get double ores would work.. however.. I think the coolest passive for a Dwarf would be "mineral sense" where nearby ores would glow through walls. (Maybe just through one layer of smooth stone?) I am not sure if that's even feasible, but it'd be pretty awesome. BUT I think for the most part, classes should have most of the specials/customization. Like, mining should probably be improved by STR as is planned. Knockback "because dwarves are strong" would make more sense to just base it on STR, as a Halfling warrior can become stronger than a dwarf mage.. Seconding not removing wall climbing from Rangers. Warriors can still leap 5 blocks at a time, I'd say that's a good tradeoff for having an awesome charge ability that lets them close gaps over land. Mages could use some help though.
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