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  1. Poryy should be banned for not knowing how to fix his obviously broken caps lock.
  2. Shalezstorm should be banned for having a 'historic reference' on his picture, since history and the internet do not belong together.
  3. I know for a fact there is a downloadable version of the well-known Lost Silver pasta. There are also a lot of Jeff the killer related ones, though many of the are poorly made. (Pewdiepie's channel has a lot of 'Horror' games on it, many of which were inspired by creepypasta)
  4. Anything Mario or Pokemon related I played all the time. I also really liked spore. (I quit after the community turned into a massive Hellhole) As with Mooseman9 above of me, I also really liked the Legend Of Zelda games, especially Wind Waker. The 3 original Paper Mario games, however, were my favorites. They had great storylines, memorable battles, and overall fun gameplay. (Heck, my current avatar is from the 3rd one!) Anyway, these were my all-time favorite childhood games. :)
  5. I believe Optifine can change the resolution. Check in the 'Other' section in the video settings menu.
  6. I'm pretty sure it is free now, as it ended up as a slight failure buisness wise. But it was a fun game nonetheless. Here's a link to the home site. http://darkspore.com/
  7. As with most Thursdays, a new Minecraft snapshot was released today! This snapshot added Item Frames, the ability to dye your leather armor, and most importantly, a new (work in progress) unique boss mob! For a full changelog, follow this link. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history/Development_versions#12w34a What is your opinion on this new snapshot, and what do you think will be added next snapshot?
  8. Sir_Grox


    You may know about the game that was made about a year ago called Darkspore. It was made by EA and Maxis as a spin-off of their once popular game Spore, but it is a Hack and Slash genre game. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone one here ever played it and what you thought about it. Thank you for your time. :)
  9. In previous versions of the Technic pack, there was a tomes mod, so if it matters that much, you can backdate. Other than that, you are pretty much out of luck.
  10. I highly recommend NoCheat, which will render most griefing clients and duping bugs non-functional. Also, if you plan on keeping EE2 enabled, you should probably get thomasfn's patch to prevent griefing with EE2 objects. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/patch-for-ee-mining-tools-no-more-griefing-with-them.6642/
  11. With the new update, most of the block IDs were changed, which explains why a large amount of your blocks were changed. Also, the mod that added the villager was called Millianaire, which was taken out. (I cannot remember why) But anyway, those changes were what caused your problem.
  12. In my opinion, this update was made to slightly increase the 'adventure' of minecraft. Some examples would be: Adventure Mode, the 2 temples, and slightly more balanced enchantment system. Another main part of the update was the major change to creative mode, turning it into a much more organized system. Lastly, many fixes and changes were made, such as cocoa bean growing, drowning not pushing you down, and easier controlled boats.
  13. Um, I don't think that is right. I thought all that was saying was that mods woule be able to set extra information to mob spawners, such as the unused green robe villager, endermen with flowers, and villagers with custom trade offers. Like 1.1, this part of the update goes to the adventure map makers, making it easier to specify exactly how they want their map. (It also complements the new adventure gamemode, but that also falls into the adventure map category.) Now I may be wrong, but this is how I took that information.
  14. Well, you obviously did something. You are Helen Kellered for a reason. You have to do something special to get rid of your status, not just ask.
  15. Lord, I always thought I was the only one on earth to have played Spore.

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